Fallout 76: The Mutation Invasion Makes its Presence in Public Events

Can you survive?
Can you survive? Bethesda

Ever since arriving in Appalachia, players have been exposed to many changes and some of these are due to the long-lasting radiation. For a lot of Fallout 76 players, these mutations have long been part of the Daily Ops missions. Now, everyone is invited to prepare as Mutation Invasion spills over to Public Events.

From February 28 to March 21, a Mutated Public Event takes place every hour at the top of the hour. To indicate that the events are Mutated, they'll be marked with a special icon. These Public Events can now appear as a Mutated Event during a Mutation Invasion:

  • Test Your Metal
  • Moonshine Jamboree
  • Eviction Notice
  • Lode Baring
  • Guided Meditation
  • Swarm of Suitors
  • One Violent Night
  • Uranium Fever
  • Line in the Sand
  • Heart of the Swamp

Those able to complete a Mutated Public Event get rewards along with a Mutated Package. Mutated Packages come with meds, resources, ammo, a 3* Legendary item, and even a chance for rare plans that drop from other quests and events.

As a quick reminder, the mutations can be:

  • Volatile: Enemies explode upon death.
  • Active Camouflage: Enemies are cloaked when not attacking.
  • Resilient: Enemies can only be slain with a melee attack.
  • Freezing Touch: Slow targets down upon attack.
  • Toxic Blood: Enemies leave behind small poisonous hazard upon death.
  • Group regeneration: Enemies heal each other when within radius.
  • Swift Footed: Increased movement and attack speed.

By the way, after the first three weeks of Mutation Invasion, this event returns every other week at the top of the hour for a week straight.

Daily Ops

In addition to Mutated Public Events, players can also look forward to new locations, enemies, rewards, and a new mutation in the Daily Ops rotation, which include:

  • New Mutation: Reflective Skin
    • Reflective Skin: Enemies periodically enter a Reflective state that reflects back some of the direct damage done to them.
    • Reflective Skin is also going to be on the Mutated Public Events list.
  • New Encounter group: Aliens
  • New Locations:
    • Charleston Capitol Building
    • Garrahan Mining Headquarters
    • Morgantown High School
  • New Rewards:
    • New plans added to Daily Ops rewards
    • Floater Tubes (Gnasher, Freezer, and Flamer Variant)
    • Hot Rod Handmade Skin
    • Flatwoods Monster Tube
    • Deep-Space Alien Power Armor skin and Jetpack

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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