Fallout 76 Launches Double Mutation Weekends for Daily Ops with Latest Update

New features and bug fixes.
New features and bug fixes. Bethesda

A new update for Fallout 76 arrived yesterday and a lot of new things came with it. The biggest of course was Fallout Worlds going live. This is a new game mode expected to offer a new gameplay experience.

However, we won’t be talking about Fallout Worlds but if you’re interested, you can learn more about it here. We’ll be looking instead at other changes, particularly the Daily Ops expansion.

In Fallout 76, Daily Ops was introduced during the One Wasteland For All update. This is mainly for experienced players who can try out challenging, randomized, and repeatable dungeon-clearing missions.

Double Mutation Weekends

With the new update, Daily Ops has been expanded to have a new weekend event that ups the challenge, which in turn, increases the rewards. Dubbed as Double Mutation Weekends, here are what players can expect:

  • During Double Mutation weekends, Daily Ops is randomized each day with enemies having one of eight unique combinations of two different Mutations.
    • These events run every other weekend from Thursday to Monday.
  • Adventurers brave enough to go to Daily Ops during the Double Mutation event gets these increased rewards:
    • 2 to 6 Legendary Cores for the first and all subsequent Elder Tier completions.
    • Double XP during every Daily Ops playthrough.
    • Double the in-game currency rewards from every Daily Ops playthrough.

The Mutations

For those who want to prepare for the Double Mutation event, below are the possible double Mutations that enemies can have:

  • Blistering Cold
    • Enemies have Freezing Touch and Swift-Footed Mutations.
  • Chilling Mend
    • Enemies have Freezing Touch and Group Regeneration Mutations.
  • Clouded Toxins
    • Enemies have Active Camouflage and Toxic Blood Mutations.
  • Relentless
    • Enemies have Resilient and Group Regeneration Mutations.
  • Stinging Frost
    • Enemies have Freezing Touch and Toxic Blood Mutations.
  • Swift Stalker
    • Enemies have Active Camouflage and Swift-Footed Mutations.
  • Unstable
    • Enemies have Volatile and Swift-Footed Mutations.
  • Vaporous
    • Enemies have Volatile and Active Camouflage Mutations.

There’s also some new content added to Daily Ops, and it includes:

  • New Enemies
    • Communists have been added to the pool of randomized enemy groups that players can encounter in any Daily Ops mode.
  • ​New Locations
    • These locations have been added to the randomized pool:
      • Arktos Pharma Biome Lab
      • Watoga High School
      • Uncanny Caverns
  • New Rewards
    • Plan: Arctic Marine Armor
    • Plan: Mechanic’s Best Friend Pipe Wrench
    • Plan: Sole Survivor Lever Action Rifle
    • Outfit: Black Hazmat Suit
    • Plan: Mirelurk King Tube
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Outfit
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Helmet
    • Blood Eagle Auto-Grenade Launcher Paint

Read more about the changes to the Daily Ops and the other fixes that arrived with the new update here.

Fallout 76 is an online RPG released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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