Fallout 76 Bringing New Cosmetics in Atomic Shop

Prepare for a minor update.
Prepare for a minor update. Bethesda

Attention Vault Dwellers! Another update is coming to Fallout 76 on August 3. Since a major update dropped early this month, this new one is quite small. But it offers fixes for several issues reported by the community.

Besides bug fixes, it is going to introduce new cosmetics in the Atomic Shop. That should be good news for everyone.

In a post, the Fallout 76 team revealed that while the larger updates come with new features, they are also excited to release small patches which are aimed at fixing issues brought to their attention. The team went on to say that they appreciate bug reports as well as feedback.

Gold Rush Weekend

It’s also time to look for Treasury Notes with the Gold Rush Weekend, which started July 29. During the event period, players can visit the Gold Press Machines in Foundation and Crater and exchange Treasury Notes for Gold Bullion. The thing is, the amount of Gold Bullion received is doubled. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the Steel Reign Update increased the maximum amount of daily Gold Bullion to 400. That means for this period, players can earn a maximum of 800 per day. By the way, this one ends on August 2.

There’s another motivation on why you should get as much Gold Bullion this weekend. From August 5 to August 9, Minerva is having a Big Sale and expanding her inventory.

Radio Play

The new season brings back K.D. Inkwell, and this time she’s been thrust all the way to the 42nd Century. To make the new season even better, a three-part radio drama was released focusing on her adventures. Players can listen to Inkwell trying to answer questions like what mysteries the future holds. If you haven’t listened to them, give it a shot here:

Fallout 76 is an online action role-playing game that was released in 2018. While it is part of the Fallout series, it serves as the prequel to the previous entries. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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