Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Weekly Update: Get Shelters Mainframe Bundle Now!

Make your vault better.
Make your vault better. Bethesda

In Fallout 76, it’s a well-known fact that life is safer underground. It’s because the Vaults are built using the highest level of Vault-Tec technology. This more than guarantees that they can withstand the toughest of hits while also taking care of residents.

What better way to make your Vault even better than this week’s bundle? The Atomic Shop is offering the Shelters Mainframe Bundle. It comes at an Atom Price of 1,500 and like any bundle, the components can be purchased individually. The bundle contains:

  • Modular Mainframe Set (Atom Price: 700)
  • Deck-Mounted Utility Fan (Atom Price: 250)
  • Deco Carpeteria Set (Atom Price: 300)
  • Vault Lighting Lamp Kit (Atom Price: 300)
  • Artificial Decorative Tree (Atom Price: 250)
  • Vault-Tec Locker Bay (Atom Price: 500)

There’s also the Atrium Shelter with an Atom Price of 1,800. Fallout 1st members, meanwhile, will get the Lobby Shelter for free.

Before we go to other offerings, let’s take a look at the freebies. The Shelters Poster is available to all players for free. Putting this in the C.A.M.P. and activating it starts the Home Expansion quest. Finishing the quest gives players their very own personal Shelter.

Fallout 1st members will receive another freebie - the Brotherhood Steel Infantry Uniform. This one though is only offered until January 5. That said, here are this week’s offers, which are available until December 15:

  • Greatest Hits
    • Western Bar Bundle
      • Atom Price: 1,500
    • Slocum’s Joe C.A.M.P. Bundle
      • Atom Price: 1,200
    • Future-Tec World Globe Bundle
      • Atom Price: 960
    • Basic Power Armor Paint Set
      • Atom Price: 400
    • Responders C.A.M.P. Bundle
      • Atom Price: 840
    • Nuka-Cola Secret Door Bundle
      • Atom Price: 840
    • Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit
      • Atom Price: 840
    • Caravan Trader Outfit
      • Atom Price: 630
  • Headed for the Vault
    • Toxic Barrel Cactus
      • Atom Price: 500
    • Red Rocket Diner Set
      • Atom Price: 560
    • Red Rocket Power Connectors Set
      • Atom Price: 250
    • First Responders Pump Action Shotgun Skin
      • Atom Price: 250
    • Hot Rodder Pip-Boy Skin
      • Atom Price: 280
    • Villainous Velvet Curtains Set
      • Atom Price: 240
    • Spiked Barricade
      • Atom Price: 200
    • Devilish Player Icon
      • Atom Price: 75
    • Gatling Gun Player Icon
      • Atom Price: 10
  • Weekly Offers
    • Animatronic waving Santa
      • Atom Price: 350
    • Winter Brick Fireplace
      • Atom Price: 350
    • Gingerbread Couch
      • Atom Price: 240
    • Gingerbread Table
      • Atom Price: 160
    • Gingerbread Chair
      • Atom Price: 160
    • Candy Cane Walking Cane Model
      • Atom Price: 250
    • Elf Girl Player Icon
      • Atom Price: 25
    • Elf Boy Player Icon
      • Atom Price: 25
    • Winter Vending Machine (Fallout 1st)
      • Atom Price: 150

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Atomic Shop.

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