Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update: Last Chance to Get the Dark Star PA Bundle

Last chance to get your hands on this bundle. Bethesda

It was a few weeks back when the Dark Star PA Bundle was made available in the Atomic Shop of Fallout 76. If you haven't got your hands on this, now's the time to do it. That's because the items in the bundle are headed to the Vault on December 5.

As a quick recap, the Dark Star PA Bundle is available for 1800 Atoms. The items inside can also be purchased individually and these are:

  • Dark Star Power Armor Paint
    • Atom Price: 1400
  • Communist Threat (The Fixer)
    • Atom Price: 700
  • Communist Handmade Rifle
    • Atom Price: 420
  • Communist Bunker
    • Atom Price: 630
  • Communist Fence
    • Atom Price: 450
  • Communist Collectron Station
    • Atom Price: 300

Freebies Available

For this week, players get the chance to wake up on time with the Nixie Tube Alarm Clock. This is available free until December 2. Then from December 2 to December 5, players can also get the Vault 33 Jumpsuit free. Meanwhile, for Fallout 1st Members it's still the Power Shelter Generator.

When visiting the Atomic Shop this week, players can claim a different reward depending on what day they dropped by. Available are:

  • Scout's Banner
    • Available: November 28 to November 29
  • Caps x250
    • Available: November 29 November 30
  • Repair Kit
    • Available: November 30 to December 1
  • Scout's Banner
    • Available: December 1 to December 2
  • Legendary Scrip x50
    • Available: December 2 to December 3
  • Lunchbox
    • Available: December 3 to December 4
  • Caps x250
    • Available: December 4 to December 5

Limited Time Offers

This week, up for grabs is the Holiday Morning Bathrobe Set which is available for 900 Atoms. This set comes with thew Holiday Morning Bathrobe and the Holiday Morning Cowboy Hat. Other offers are:

  • Cement Truck
    • Atom Price: 700
  • Soft-Serve Paint (Cryolator)
    • Atom Price: 500
  • Hunting Lodge Furniture Set
    • Atom Price: 350
  • Hot Tub
    • Atom Price: 450
  • Winter Fireplace Electro 2000
    • Atom Price: 300
  • Giant Letter Kit
    • Atom Price: 490

Bundles Offered

Players should be happy to know that some of the bundles previously offered are once again in the Atomic Shop. These ones are going to be available until December 5:

  • New Home Mega-Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1750
  • Shelter Catwalk Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1050
  • Shelters Mainframe Bundle
    • Atom Price: 900
  • Modern Kitchen Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1800
  • Home of a Hero Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1800
  • Root of All Evil Bundle
    • Atom Price: 1200

Visit the Atomic Shop now and see all the offers available this week. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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