'The Fall' Season 3 Netflix Release Time: When Will New Episodes Premiere?

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Fans of the BBC / Netflix Original Series The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, have been waiting over a year to see what happened after the dramatic Season 2 cliffhanger. That wait is very nearly over. 

If you’ve watched The Fall through the end of Season 2, you’ll remember the finale cliffhanger left the fate of the murderous Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) hanging in the balance, with Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) holding him as he lies gravely injured, bleeding profusely from gunshot wounds. It seems as though Paul survives his injuries, as Dornan returns to the series in Season 3. But is Stella becoming too close to the case? Is her investigation becoming an obsession?  

Several episodes of the third season have already aired in the U.K., so there are abundant spoilers available online for those who want them. Suffice to say the season will explore Spector’s past and mental state in depth. 

In a preview trailer, Stella says, “I want him to live, so that he can spend the rest of his life in prison." But will he? Might Stella find herself growing more sympathetic to the Belfast Strangler? 

When Will The Fall Season 3 be available on Netflix?

Episodes debuted Sept. 29 in the U.K on BBC Two, but U.S. fans have had to wait an extra month to see more of the Belfast Strangler. 

All episodes of The Fall Season 3 will debut in the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 29, the day after the finale airs in the U.K. Fans on the West Coast are in for a treat; new episodes will be available at midnight PDT. East Coast fans will likely have to wait a little longer, with new episodes available at 3 a.m. EDT on Saturday Oct. 29.

Is The Fall Season 3 on Netflix Canada? 

According to Fansided, The Fall Season 3 will not be coming to Canada on Oct. 29. “With Netflix co-producing this season, we thought the series would be made available around the world, but it seems like rights and licensing terms have slowed that process down.”

Will The Fall Season 4 Happen? What’s The Fall Season 4 Release Date?

Nothing’s been confirmed by the BBC or the lead actors, but series creator Allan Cubitt told Digital Spy in September that the conclusion of Season 3 was “not the end of The Fall necessarily." It’s possible that future seasons could follow new cases from Stella’s perspective, but again, nothing has been confirmed. 

What do you want to see happen in The Fall Season 3? Would you like to see The Fall Season 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!  

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