Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Welcomes Season 4

See what the new season has to offer.
See what the new season has to offer. Devolver Digital

You’ve asked for it and it’s finally here. Season 4 of the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has arrived. This sci-fi-inspired new season comes with seven new Rounds as well as lots of challenges and new rewards.

Gather the Squad

The new Season is all about the Squad, especially with the new features focused on playing with friends to new heights. Experience new mechanics, new Round types, and even new currency.

One of these is the Squads Mode. The important thing here is this: the squad that sticks together, wins together, and of course, be embarrassed together. Players can now qualify as a Squad as long as there are four members. If any member of the Squad wins the final round, everyone gets the rewards.

New as well is the Squad Race where players get to race as a team, and the faster the player can finish, the more points earned for the whole squad. Just remember that the Squad with the lowest score gets eliminated.

Finally, there’s Squad Survival where the goal is to make sure the entire team is afloat and out of the slime to get those much-needed points. The longer the squad is out of the slime, the more points earned.

New Rounds

As already mentioned, there are seven new Rounds:

  • Skyline Stumble
    • This new 60-player gauntlet showcases a large assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles which include Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, and even Lasers.
  • Hoverboard Heroes
    • Players set sail for slimy seas as they dive and stumble over perilous obstacles.
    • Ride out the chaos on the cruising hoverboard until the finish line or be eliminated.
  • Basketfall
    • Team up to shoot some hoops in low gravity.
    • This is the Fall Guys future, so be prepared for some silly number of basketballs, outlandish dunks, as well as triple hoops.
  • Short Circuit
    • This new type of racing Round drops beans on the grid and propels them through lap after lap of gravity-defying, obstacle-strewn mayhem.
  • Power Trip
    • Stumble onto this future-funk dance floor and light up those tiles in a battery-powered battle for disco domination.
  • Big Shots
    • Have you ever wondered what it means to stand on a see-saw while inflatable stars, magnets, gamepads, and miniature Saturns are being shot at you? This is the round for you.
  • ​Roll On
    • This classic-themed Round has 60 players race to the finish line over a series of rotating drums.

Other Offers

A new season means new rewards available for everyone. In Daily Challenges, for example, those who finish them get bundles of Fame and Crowns Shards.

There are also two new Costume Packs arriving at the stores. The Popstar Pack offers three neon funk looks, which are sure to win fans, hearts, and even Crowns. Learn more about this new pack here.

What are you waiting for? Time to enjoy the new season.

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