Fall Guys Season 6 Patch Notes: Mid-Season Update

Fall Guys Season 6
Fall Guys Season 6 Mediatonic

Fall Guys just received a mid-season update and it brings some great news for players. Crossplay is now enabled, which means PC and Playstation players can finally party up with each other to play Squads, Duos, Main Show, and more. Players will have to link the game to an Epic account to play with each other. The game will display a prompt for those who haven’t linked it yet.

Sweet Thieves

The developers have given us a sneak peek of an upcoming event called Sweet Thieves. This is a mode where players will be split into Thieves and Guardians. The objective for Thieves is to explore the level to steal candy pieces. While the Guardians roam around the level must capture the Thieves. Once the Guardians catch the Thieves, they can put them in jail. However, if the Guardians let their guard down, the Thieves can find an opportunity to free the prisoners.

Custom Game Fix

The developers fixed an issue where the lobby would fail to load on the second round. This issue forced players to recreate a new lobby to play the game, and it was quite annoying to reset the lobby from scratch.

Fall Guys Season 6 Patch Notes: Mid-Season

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed players being able to stand on the central pillar and evade the spinning bars
  • Fixed an issue on race Rounds where the Round would end early after a timer is displayed
  • Fixed Jump Showdown time-outs on Squads eliminating victorious players
  • Big Yeetus buff
  • Fixed some instances where players would not qualify upon crossing the second lap
  • Fixed players getting stuck between the ramp and the tiles
  • Fixed the Rhinos charging at players unexpectedly with no visual indication beforehand
  • Improvements to other players visually teleporting when jumping over the bar
  • Adjusted the Piano emote so that it does not cut off abruptly in-game
  • Fixed players ragdolling when interacting with a stationary turnstile
  • Players will no longer be slowed down or halted by walking over the bottom ledges of open doors
  • Fixed some See-Saws tilting more than others on the level
  • Fixed some players falling through the platform floors into the slime
  • General improvements to FPS which should decrease instances of framerate drops
  • Fixed rotating bar not matching direction of arrows on levels such as Big Fans
  • Fixed bases of Punchers appearing low-quality
  • Fixed issues with unlocking Stumble Chums and Big Bully
  • Improvements to carrying objects - when a grab is broken, characters will not “ping” out of place
  • Improvements to “bean tornadoes” in which many close-together players moving at once cause unpredictable collisions

You can read more about the update here.

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