F1 2021: Patch 1.12 Introduces Imola, Adds Support for AMD FSR

F1 2021 Patch 1.12
F1 2021 Patch 1.12 Codemasters

Codemasters has provided a new update for F1 2021 and it added a lot of new content, bug fixes, and improvements. First of all, Patch 1.12 features the new racing circuit, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, or better known simply as Imola. This is a popular racing circuit located east of Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

Besides that, those who are using AMD GPUs will be very happy to know that the developers have added support for AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution technology or FSR. It is similar to the Nvidia DLSS in that it renders frames at a lower resolution, and then uses upscaling algorithms to make the game look like it’s running at a higher resolution.

Another important feature that was added is the new Esports Pit Release option in multiplayer sessions. When you go inside the pit, you can choose not to wait a short period to get back into the race.

The devs have also implemented some important fixes in this update. For instance, they have fixed the issue where players were sometimes unable to connect to an online session. Further, they added a timer in the multiplayer lobby that will kick people off when they have not loaded into the game, allowing more active players to go into the race faster.

Patch Highlights

  • Imola has been added to the game
  • Visual sports update including the special Red Bull livery as seen in the 2021 Turkish GP
  • Esports Pit Release option has been added to multiplayer sessions
  • Added support for the Fanatec CSL DD Base
  • Added support for AMD FSR and CACAO
  • Addressed an issue where players would sometimes fail to connect to an online session
  • Added a visible timeout to multiplayer sessions so that lobbies will not be unnecessarily held up while loading
  • Addressed a handling exploit in lower speed corners
  • Addressed an issue where dials could be missing from the Ferrari wheel after adjusting camera settings
  • Addressed an issue where changing shutter speed in Photo Mode could cause the image to be distorted
  • Made improvements to AI yielding behavior so they no longer match the player pace when not on a flying lap
  • Addressed an issue where Nvidia DLSS mode could not be changed in some circumstances
  • Component changes now correctly take effect when using Quick Practice

F1 2021 Patch 1.12 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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