Expeditions: Rome, The Controller Patch 1.5 Updates Gamepad Support and Adds Bug Fixes

Expeditions: Rome
Expeditions: Rome Steam

There’s a new update out for Expeditions: Rome available on Steam. The Controller Patch 1.5 brings some updates for gamepad support and bug fixes.

Gamepad Support

There’s great news for players who use gamepads. The developers improved gamepad support throughout the entire game and other enhancements to boost the player experience. That’s not all; they also updated the code of the game to make it compatible with Steam Deck, excellent for those who have one lying around or want to buy one.

Bug Fixes

In this update, the developers fixed several bugs including one where the player's status would display the poison being removed and added when moving into new poison tiles; this was not intended. So, they changed it and now it only displays "poisoned" and refreshes the turn count.

Expeditions: Rome, The Controller Patch 1.5

  • Updated the Loading Screen tips to remove some that are no longer valid
  • When a Centurion dies during a Legion Battle, their equipment will be added to the player’s inventory.
  • Tweaked the Accipe Hoc achievement to be a little easier to achieve.
Bug Fixes
  • Updated Localizations to fix some text issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Outpost Menu button was available at times where it was not meant to.
  • Fixed a bug in Cliff Ruins where the "hands bound" effect was being applied if you loaded a save after you had released the VIP
  • Fixed a potential blocker where if you entered an encounter with only hired praetorians and the controlled character died (with character death on); you would get blocked as the "controlled dead" character couldn't move.
  • Fixed an issue with Mark Target applying the incorrect damage amount under certain situations.
  • Fixed some crafting material discrepancies with the new gladiator equipment (helmet, armor, and scissor) as well as Marcellus' helmet.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tier 3 Gladiator Trident having different affixes from the Tier 2 if recrafted.
  • Fixed the Traitor’s Mail needing medium armor rings despite being light armor.
  • Fixed the Hunting Traps using incorrect materials.
  • Fixed a bug where the affixes on Scissors could not be modified.
  • Fixed an issue on the Golden Wolf side quest where the player is unable to progress when loading the autosave that occurs after the encounter.

You can read more about the update here.

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