Exodus H Update 1.2: New Construction Drones and Bug Fixes

Exodus H Update 1.2
Exodus H Update 1.2 Steam

The developers of Exodus H released a new update that added lots of new features and fixed several bugs.

Construction Drones

The latest update features the new construction drones in the construction mode. Now, players have to wait for construction drones to manufacture the elements, unlike before that they would instantly appear.

New Mouse Interactions

The developers have made some changes for mouse interactions to improve in-game movement. The selection of objects and residents using the mouse has been reworked to make it less complex and more intuitive.

Exodus H Update 1.2

Other Additions
  • Added tooltip text on mouse hover on some items showing values.
  • Added new music tracks.
  • Added new sound effects for UI and build mode.
  • Some mission objectives have been adjusted.- HUD appearance has been improved.
  • The appearance of the Earth has been improved.
  • The time is no longer displayed in the HUD.
  • Fast mode speed has been reduced to avoid bugs in AI pathfinding.
  • Graphics quality settings have been adjusted.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the position of the "sleeping" animation in the bunk beds.
  • Fixed NPC animation state change that switches from "Officer" profession to another profession.
  • Fixed audio settings not always being saved.
  • Correction of the change of profession button from the resident sheet.
  • Fixed not working camera bounds.
  • Fixed the allocation of resources at the time of the first warp drive.
  • Fixed construction mode when doors are sometimes replaced by walls randomly.
  • Fixed Resource Extractor count not being displayed in the Population tab.
  • Fixed items not being able to be deleted while in use.
  • Fixed Resident stuck in "working" state when their workplace is disabled.
  • Fixed energy generator continuing to generate energy when disabled.
  • Fixed reactor not consuming energy.
  • Fixed the build mode which allowed to build objects in the docking bay.
Player Suggestions Added
  • Added keyboard support for camera controls.
  • Improved contrast for the tracked mission HUD.
  • Added shortcuts for direct access to Resources and Population tabs.
  • Added highlighting of the resident when hovering over his name from the list of residents.
  • Added more information in the resident list to make it easier to compare skills.

You can read more about the update here.

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