Evolution: The Video Game Celebrates Upcoming Switch Release With Biggest Sale Yet

Become the apex predator.
Become the apex predator. North Star Digital Studios

Evolution: The Video Game releases for the Nintendo Switch in early 2020. This is a turn-based strategy game adaptation of the board game with the same name. In celebration of the highly anticipated launch, developer North Star Digital Studios is offering the game at 40% off on existing platforms.

Since its launch in February 2019, the Evolution game series has already proven to be an addictive game with over three million players immersed in the challenge of evolving to survive and thrive on Evolution Island. However, new features continue to be added to the game in preparation for the Switch release. Monthly multiplayer tournaments and a pass-and-play feature have been introduced in the game. Single player and multiplayer challenges are already in beta, and will release in full soon.

Co-Founder and President of North Star Digital Studios Scott Rencher said in a statement that the studio loves the expanded capabilities of the Switch and what it offers to digital board games such as Evolution. Talking further, Rencher said that “the speed of controller-based play is a great game experience, and the pass-and-play nature of the console offers that warm sense of community we love fostering with the board game.”

The goal in Evolution is simple—to create species that can adapt and survive in an ever-changing world. Of course, players are not diving into the challenge without some help. An intuitive learn-while-playing tutorial gets you started as you carefully select the traits that would benefit a species.

If your creature is in need of protection from predators, then adding horns or having a hard shell is going to be advantageous. Long necks are great for accessing food when there is a scarcity of this valuable resource. There are loads of genetic choices and combinations that you can decide upon for your species to survive the demands of Evolution Island, including the fearsome Apex Species.

Augmenting the experience of evolving and surviving are new artwork and animations, plus a stimulating campaign mode. With the flexibility of the Nintendo Switch, players can take these epic battles against enemy A.I. bosses on the go. With the pass-and-play multiplayer feature, players can build the most adaptable and capable species with their friends. It also has cross-platform multiplayer support for those who prefer to play online. Evolution: The Video Game ensures that it balances competition with a skill-based matchmaking system.

Evolution: The Video Game is already available on the PC through Steam and on mobile for iOS and Android. The 40% discount is available until September 20.

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