Evil Genius 2 Patch v1.7.0: Bug Fixes, Alert Changes, and More

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Evil Genius 2: World Domination recently received a new update that fixed bugs and made some changes.

IRIS alerts were used to update players with too many notifications in the previous patch. So, the developers toned it down for less important alerts. Additionally, characters wearing a mask or any form of protection will no longer be harmed by gas attacks. This includes the Pyro, Magnolia Ming, Espectro, Biologists, and all Robots.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Patch v1.7.0

General Changes
  • Audio on the Genius select screen now plays as expected, and at an appropriate volume.
  • Minions imprisoned while deserting will more reliably restore their stats and may gain a new Trait to reduce their stat depletion for a time after they are released.
  • Investigators no longer take photographs of non-suspicious items.
  • The Blue Saint now uses blue smoke bombs to attempt to disguise himself.
  • The HUD indicator correctly displays when Research has halted.
  • It is no longer possible to change the floor during the early stages of the Tutorial.
  • Characters can no longer be targeted until they have fully exited their arrival vehicle.
  • Characters will no longer clip through beach furniture in new games.
  • Character vocalizations no longer continue when the game is paused.
  • The "Dirt" button is no longer highlighted when opening the Build Menu using right-click.
  • Tooltips no longer remain displayed when moving the camera after highlighting edit buttons on a furniture item.
  • Tooltips for the last item visible on the Build Menu are no longer erroneously displayed when toggling the Side Panel.
  • Island environment is no longer visible through floors when constructing Stairs in specific locations on the "Caine Key" Island Lair.
  • Characters correctly appear in callout boxes during their barks when they are killed or captured.
  • Correct Crime Lords are visible during their barks if multiple Crime Lords have died simultaneously.
  • Narrative minions correctly display an appropriate icon in their side panels.
  • Agent types and J Steele now unlock predictably in the Rogue's Gallery.
  • The "Load Game" menu option is no longer available if there are no save games available.
  • DLC used in the current game can be viewed through the "Active DLC" Pause Menu option.
  • Performance improvements and memory optimizations.
  • Gamepad control improvements.
  • Text and localization improvements

You can read more about the update here.

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