Evil Dead: The Game Latest Update Nerfs Baal Hard

Baal Saber Interactive

Baal is currently one of the most popular demons in Evil Dead: The Game, thanks to his ability to possess survivors and lead them to traps for some easy kills. However, Saber Interactive caught wind of how overpowered Baal is, so the company released a new update that finally nerfed this demon.

Players have been searching for ways to counter Baal's perma possess strat to no avail. What usually happens is that Baal possesses a survivor, leads them to a trap, and then possesses them again shortly after. This process is repeated until the poor survivor dies. Well, this strategy is no longer possible in the latest update because Baal can no longer chain possess survivors in Evil Dead: The Game.

If there's any consolation for Baal players, survivors can no longer detect Baal during Peekaboo ability by the sound of his steps or voice, allowing him to remain hidden until he goes in for the kill.


New Features

  • Players who complete/have completed all missions will get the remaining two Knowby Tapes, unlocking the complete story of Professor Knowby.


  • Survivor icons are updated in the pop-up map during the Mass Paranoia ability.
  • Survivors now receive fear after dodging the trap's activation.
  • Hunter's "Lone Wolf" ability will no longer be inactive if only dead teammates are around the player.


  • Demon units will no longer miss hits on the Necronomicon.
  • Baal no longer has Support Ash's Marked Target and Kelly's Countershot ability effect during Peekaboo.
  • Now Power Possess ability doesn't get cooldown after the usual possession if the respective button was pressed without the target before.
  • Demon traps no longer stop working after unpossessing a survivor and letting him activate the trap.
  • Demon no longer receives increased damage while possessing a survivor marked by "Manhunter."
  • Buttons for opening and placing proximity portals are correctly displayed in the HUD when the demon unpossesses the vehicle.
  • The Witch can no longer cancel the slow-down delay after an attack by a particular button combination.
  • Deadites downed with finishers will no longer perform a small jump on the ground.
  • The "vanishing" effect of the demon now appears when exorcized from a page/dagger objective.
  • Demon no longer sees the colored beam above the Survivor's items.


  • Leader Ash's voice lines for killing Baal are now correctly played.
  • In the tutorial, hand axes over the table now have a natural spawn location.
  • Weapons are now unable to spawn vertically.
  • SMG and Grenade Launchers are now included in Handgun and Special ammo descriptions.
  • Weapons can no longer twitch on the character's back after getting out of the car.
  • The supply crate mark will no longer disappear when all players near it move to another map location.
  • Soul-calling voice lines will no longer be played in the Necronomicon phase if the player carries them in inventory before entering this stage.
  • Eligos's neck will no longer unnaturally stretch if shot with a shotgun in the 8th Mission.
  • Fixed an issue with some players fighting invisible deadites.

So, what can you say about the Baal nerf in Evil Dead: The Game's latest update?

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