Everspace 2 Update 0.6.20128: New Story Content, Bug Fixes, and More

Everspace 2 Update 0.6.20128
Everspace 2 Update 0.6.20128 Steam

Everspace 2 recently received a new update that added new content and fixed bugs.

In this update, the developers have added new story content, companions, gameplay, gear, and much more. The developers have introduced new drone missions, which test your maneuvering skills as you control them through narrow areas.

Everspace 2 Update 0.6.20128

  • Added new main and side missions
  • Added new star system: Zharkov
  • Added new player ship class: Vanguard
  • Added new companion: Tareen
  • Added new device: Fusion Hook
  • Added new missile weapon types: Corrosion, Armorbreaker, Shieldbreaker, Destabilizer
  • Added Bloodstar items set bonuses
  • Added new item affix "Swift"
  • Tier 2 ships are now available at ship dealers
  • Added new music tracks
  • Increased max level to 18
  • Added 10 new ship colors to collect
  • Added "new" and "invest" indicators to the perks tab
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ship selector sometimes not being displayed in Homebase despite owning multiple ships
  • Fixed floating-point precision issues related to weapon aim
  • Fixed already destroyed Bomb Thrower Turrets sometimes still throwing bombs
  • Fixed energy orbs not restoring armor
  • Fixed a potential blocker and a wrong dialog being played in "I Heart Scrap" side mission
  • Fixed destroying Okkar units not yielding correct XP.
  • Fixed player stats not being updated immediately after re-entering stats screen
  • Fixed highlight effect on some structures being visible from far away
  • Fixed mission item "Drone Debris" not getting removed from inventory after becoming obsolete
  • Fixed Gauss Cannon and Rail Gun having improper affixes
  • Fixed Baron Executioner weapon receiving energy damage modifiers
  • Fixed item bonus attributes that grant extra damage not working properly
  • Fixed bounty not increasing when defeating an enemy with a device like the Corrosion Injector
  • Fixed that Elek could appear multiple times in a location
  • Fixed that Elek sometimes left too soon
  • Fixed that Elek and Dax could die when acting as wingmen
  • Fixed enqueued hull repairs being lost when docking to a station
  • Fixed faction rewards not being displayed for accepted jobs in the missions tab
  • Fixed being able to use warfare devices on allies

You can read more about the update here.

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