Everspace 2 Resolves Mission Blockers in Hotfix 1.0.33633

Hotfix 1.0.33633
Hotfix 1.0.33633 Steam

Everspace 2 developer ROCKFISH Games recently launched a new update that resolves many issues with mission blockers.

Before Hotfix 1.0.33633 went live, there was a bug that prevented players from progressing through the campaign after completing Blakemore’s Wrath. This issue affected those who continued from an auto-save that was created right after the said mission was completed.

Players who have experienced this can now rejoice because the issue is now resolved in this hotfix. Just dock in the home base and the follow-up mission will begin shortly after.

While certain mission blockers are fixed, the same can’t be said with the “Flak Crash/Freeze.”

For those who don’t know, some players reported that Everspace 2 freezes when using the Flak Cannon in high-risk or densely populated areas. The company is already aware of this and currently investigating the matter. Hopefully, ROCKFISH Games can release a fix for this particular problem very soon.


  • Further performance optimizations
  • Tweaked Faction Battles in Drake that could be lost within seconds
  • Integrated localization changes suggested by Crowdin community
  • UI: Added Unreal Engine logo to startup screens
  • Fixed main mission blocker in "Crash and Burn" when managing to quickly undock from Ships & Supplies before the "undock" task was activated
  • Added missing "Change Compare Item" default binding ("Left Trigger") for Gamepad Scheme A
  • Updated one of the "vision" videos which still was an older version before
  • Fixed that "Show Current Gamepad Bindings" screen was empty for "custom" bindings
  • Fixed that achievements could fail to register when two or more achievements were unlocked at the same time
  • Fixed that force feedback effects did not get triggered when cam shakes were turned off
  • Fixed that inversion and other axis settings of some axes (especially when used with modifier buttons) did not work
  • Fixed red screen vignette flashing up when repairing hull at low HP
  • Fixed that in some instances a level up was not triggered even though XP requirements were met
  • Fixed a crash that was related to the dynamic job system
  • Fixed an edge case in side mission "Vaultworthy" which blocked the mission progress
  • Fixed "two drones with one mine" challenge not working with Teleporter's "Parting Gift" mine
  • Fixed that some bonus attributes were not working for flak cannons
  • Fixed that the warden in the main mission "Smokes & Mirrors" in Forlorn Vale could not spawn properly, resulting in a blocker
  • Fixed a missing mission hud marker in side mission "A Custom-Made Error"
  • Fixed that two "kill from a distance" challenges could not be achieved with flak cannons
  • Fixed excessive VRAM usage when playing via wine/proton and viewing animated cutscene videos
  • Fixed FSR2 plugin not being loaded on the Gamepass version
  • Fixed TrackIR not working on Gamepass due to missing NPClient.dll
  • Fixed that an intended loot drop at the end of Battle Support events did not occur

Everspace 2 Hotfix 1.0.33633 is now available on PC.

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