Enlisted February 17 Update Tactical Action Improvements and Anti-Personnel Mines Icon

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Enlisted is a first-person shooter game based on World War II. A new update is live and it is focused on mine upgrades and game fixes.

Tactical Actions

In this update, players will get more points for doing tactical actions like destroying enemy structures. This was implemented because Engineers are rewarded for building structures and forts. So, it only makes sense to get points for destroying these structures.

New Threat Icon

The developers have added a new icon to display detonated anti-personnel mines. This is helpful to keep track of the mines and warn players to keep their distance. This indicator works similarly to the grenade warning indicator to show that the explosive is about to explode.

Enlisted February 17 Update Highlights

  • Mine Upgrades
    • Both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines can now be set much faster.
    • You can purchase mines for your soldiers in the "Logistics" tab.
    • Each soldier has a separate inventory slot specifically for mines that do not take up space for other useful items.
  • Increased activation range of anti-personnel mines
  • Added points per destroyed object (5 for forts, 45 for strategic buildings, and 45 for weaponry).
  • Doubled points for capturing strategic points and destroying strategic objects (now 100 for capturing and 50 for assisting).
  • Significantly increased the range of anti-personnel mines.
  • Increased the resistance of mines to explosions, now they are more difficult to destroy with grenades.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Soviet and British anti-personnel mines to not do damage when detonated.
  • Added a slight delay for the detonation of anti-personnel mines.
  • Reduced the time for setting anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.
  • Changed the direction of the default rally point view when building it, now the view faces forward — in the direction of the engineer's eyes.
  • Reduced the punishment for partial damage of allied vehicles in the Lone Fighters mode in Custom Games.
  • Increased Engineers’ number of points for every use of their mobile rally point from 15 to 30 points.

You can read more about the update here.

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