Enjoy a Countryside Feel with the New Barnyard Animal Pack for Planet Zoo

Time to experience the countryside. Frontier Developments

The Barnyard Animal Pack for Planet Zoois finally here. Compared to the previously released packs, this one has you slow things down and lets you relax. It features seven highly requested animals along with more than 60 new scenery pieces. There's even a new Scenario.

Indeed, there's a lot of new content to cover and let's start with the newest scenario. In this one, we see the return of Tiffany Summers who once again needs your help. She's on a journey to turn a once-neglected farm in the New Zealand countryside to a thriving animal sanctuary. You'll have to take those run-down barns and overgrown pastures and then make them into a safe and comforting environment for the animals.

Friendly Animals

The seven friendly animals added to the game through this pack are the:

  • curious and confident Sussex chicken which loves to investigate and is very self-assured
  • Highland cattle with its heavy, rich coat, iconic horns and friendly nature
  • playful and energetic Alpine Goat
  • gentle Alpaca who loves to hum
  • sociable American Standard Donkey
  • Hill Radnor sheep with its dense fleece
  • docile Tamworth Pig

With these incredible species, your zoo is sure to have that rustic feel of the countryside.

As mentioned, this new pack doesn't only add animals but also more than 60 new scenery pieces that can help you come up with that rustic feel. These include, among others, straw bales, rustic planters, weather vanes, wind pumps, picket fences, and wooden wheels.

Update 1.17

Alongside the new pack, a free update has also been released. The main feature is the new Animal Encounter habitat. This one allows guests to enjoy an experience that's best described as being up close and personal with some animals. To reach this status, the habitat has to fulfil these conditions:

  • Guests can enter the habitat through a guest gate.
  • No dangerous animal is present.
  • An interactable animal is present.
  • At least one Hygiene Station is present.

You can view the new content that arrived with the new pack along with the changes made through the update here.

Planet Zoo was released in 2019 and made available for the PC. Ports for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S were launched in 2024.

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