ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights Update 1.1.0 New Features, Bug Fixes

ENDER LILIES Binary Haze Interactive

ENDER LILIES recently received Patch 1.10 that includes new features and multiple adjustments. After beating the bosses, you can access the Maligned Memories from any restpoint. This mode will put you up against all the bosses and you have to beat them all one at a time. This will give players some enhancing materials if they can clear the mode, and the rarity will depend on the difficulty of the current game’s chapter.

The developers also made some changes to the parry ability. The time to get a successful parry has been increased by a small margin, which should help players in countering enemies. However, doing other actions after a successful parry will be a bit difficult in this update.

ENDER LILIES Update 1.1.0



  • Dark Witch Eleine
    • Decrease power of Last Rites
  • Ulv, the Mad Knight
    • Increase SP generated with Last Rites
  • Hoenir, Keeper of the Abyss
    • Increase number of use
    • Increase SP generated by attacks
    • Increase power of Last Rites
  • Ancient Crypt Keeper
    • Decrease power
    • Decrease SP generated by attacks
  • Fallen Archer
    • Decrease power
    • Decrease SP generated by attacks
  • Verboten Champion
    • Increase power at level 6
  • Umbral Knight
    • Increase power of Last Rites when grounded
  • Knight Captain Julius
    • Increase power of airborne attacks


  • Adjust various enemies attack and behaviour
  • Adjust various hitboxes and movement errors


  • Adjust terrain around some items
  • To fix a non intuitive case in a specific map in the Stockade area where the map would be marked as "Complete" while a secret passage was still undiscovered, an item was added

Bug Fixes

  • Fix rare knockback bug that was causing AI to become unresponsive
  • Fix hook point that was not always reset correctly
  • Fix vertical velocity that was not reset correctly after cancelling specific actions
  • Fix enemies that would stay invisible in rare conditions
  • Fix UI that could become invisible when pressing buttons in a specific timing in pause menu
  • Fix summon set switch method that was not respected while in clinging to a wall
  • Various translation fixes
  • Various minor bug fixes

You can read more about the update here.

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