Emotional Action Adventure Title Waking Gets An Announce Trailer For Xbox One And PC

Developer Jason Oda outlines an emotional story about being trapped in a coma.
Waking gets an announce trailer for Xbox One and PCs.
Waking gets an announce trailer for Xbox One and PCs. tinyBuild

Set out on an epic emotional adventure inside your subconsciousness as you lie in a coma with Jason Oda and tinyBuild’s Waking.

Waking will be released sometime this summer for Xbox One and PC, are you strong enough to go on this journey?

The story revolves around your character being trapped in a coma with no escape other than battling with the demons in your head. You can shut down the demons by entering guided meditations wherein you meet the important people in your life and gather precious memories you shared with them.

So, what exactly makes Waking the most personal game ever made? As you play the game, you won’t be able to stop yourself from asking questions like ‘what is the most important relic in my life?’ Is it the feel of the soil in your hometown, your pet that passed a long time ago, or maybe the eyes of the person you hold dear?' After you finish every quest, you will enter a guided meditation, wherein you will have to close your eyes and just listen as you remember every memory of your life. You can put these memories inside the game after making some quick choices.

The weapons that you will use in the game all come from your own customized memories. You will face your fears, know your desires, meet your demons and settle your childhood traumas, but you won’t be alone. The people you love are with you, and you can summon them when you’re lost in the darkness of your subconsciousness. In order to awaken from your coma, the severed synapses in your brain must be reconnected. This also allows you to discover what put you into a coma in the first place.

You will be challenged by a high level of difficulty, but you can adjust that at will. However, keep in mind that if you make too much adjustments, the genre won’t be the same. There are unique worlds to explore because of your changing mindscape. Each landscape, cavern, crypt, and dungeon are made as you proceed with the game.

Are you thrilled to see Waking come to life on your PC or Xbox One? Tell us about it.

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