Emilie is All Set to Make Her Debut in Upcoming Update for Genshin Impact

Ready for what she's bringing to the table? HoYoverse

A new update is set to arrive in Genshin Impact this July 17. Version 4.8 is titled as "Summertide Scales and Tales"" and marks as the official debut of Emilie. This perfumer is a recruitable five-star character able to deal more damage to Burning enemies.

The ability to deal more damage to Burning enemies is unique for this 5-star Dendro polearm user and famous perfumer. Her combat mechanics revolve around what's known as the "Lumidouce Case," which can intermittently inflict Dendro DMG. If enemies are affected by the Burning effect, the Case is upgraded, and deals even greater damage based on her attack. It also benefits from a greater attack range along with faster attack speed.

Emilie's Story Quest is titled as "Pomum de Ambra Chapter," and dives into her second identity as a "forensic cleaner" expert in crime scene investigation. It also has players unravel the mystery surrounding the "Auguste" flower. Emilie's official debut happens in the latter half of Version 4.8 Event Wishes.

New Outfits

The upcoming update also introduces new outfits for Kirara and Nilou. Players can recruit Kirara into their team for free by drawing on a certain number of figurines. They can then get Kirara's new phantom burglar-themed outfit by accumulating "Excerpts of Bliss." They can also collect "Jubilant Feathers" and go around Simulanka where they can open "Fairytale Troves."

Nilou's new floral-themed outfit meanwhile is going to be available at a limited-time discount in the store.

Encounter Point System

Back in Version 4.7, there was a reduction in the level requirements. This time around another optimization is being implemented and it's all about the Encounter Point System.

What happens is that players are now able to store Encounter Points and then use them at a later date to claim Daily Commission rewards whenever they want. New Long-Term Encounter Points meanwhile can be converted from excess points that's been accumulated beyond the daily limit, by completing quests, collecting specific items, opening chests or completing event objectives.

The "Summertide Scales and Tales" update arrives July 17 which also invites everyone to explore Simulanka. Learn more about the new map here.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world adventure RPG available on the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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