Elyon: January 12 Update Introduces the Archer Class

The New Archer Class
The New Archer Class Twitter/@Elyon_thegame

Agile. Swift. Deadly. The Archer is the newest character class in Elyon. Aside from that, the latest update includes tons of new features and improvements.

New Character Class

Do you want to play a class that can deal huge amounts of damage from afar? Then, the Archer class is definitely for you. Archers are the only ones with the longest range in Elyon. They not only possess the skills that allow them to move quickly, but they have the power to dispatch enemies effectively as well. It is best that you maintain your distance from the enemy as you will deal more damage by doing so.

Archers have another useful utility. They can detect even the stealthiest enemies, allowing you to dispose of them before they approach you.

To entice you to play the new class, the developers are holding a limited-time event where reaching certain level milestones will give you some very cool rewards, including Gold, a Tamed Forest Raptor, and an exclusive Archer Weapon Skin. The event runs from January 12 to January 26 just right before maintenance.

Patch Highlights

  • Max Character Slots have been increased from 6 to 7
  • The Key Items tab in Inventory has been expanded to 112 slots
  • It is no longer possible to enter Dungeons or exit Dimensional Portals while in combat, Stealth, or non-idle states
  • Various items have been changed so that they can now be listed in the Marketplace
  • Marketplace listing delay has been adjusted to 10-15 minutes
Enhancement Slot Restoration
  • A new function has been added that allows you to revert the last failed enhancement on equipment through the use of Enhancement Slot Restoration Scrolls
  • These scrolls are available for Rare, Epic, and Legendary grade items, and can be listed in the Marketplace
  • Enhancement Slot Restoration Scroll Pieces have also been added. Combine 5 of them through Item Fusion to create a complete Armor or Weapon Scroll
  • The cost of restoration depends on the grade of the item, as follows:
    • Rare: 10,000 Gold
    • Epic: 50,000 Gold
    • Legendary: 200,000 Gold
Random Equipment Effect Re-roll Lock
  • A new function has been added that allows you to lock certain Random Effects when re-rolling your equipment
  • The number of locks required depending on the grade of your equipment:
    • Epic: 4 (one effect), 9 (two effects)
    • Legendary: 9 (one effect), 49 (two effects), 81 (three effects)
  • If all effects are locked, only their Stage can change
  • These locks are available through various content, including Honor Point Merchants and Growth Merchants in Footholds

Class balancing changes and other features have also been implemented. You can learn more about them on the game’s official website.

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