Elite Dangerous Upcoming April Update Focuses On Improving The New Player Experience

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Elite Dangerous gets a whole lot more noob-friendly.
Elite Dangerous gets a whole lot more noob-friendly. Frontier Development

Elite Dangerous is rolling out a small but substantial update this month, with the focus of making the game more welcoming for new players. Included in the update is a new zone, called the Beginner's Zone. Here, new players can get to know the game and its mechanics without fear of being player-killed by PvP-crazed veterans that are present in almost every MMO.

In addition to the new ‘safe learning environment’, two new ship modules will also be made available to all players. Both of these new modules were designed to assist in the game’s advanced flight maneuvers, which most new players usually have a hard time with. With all of these changes designed to reel in new players, Elite Dangerous is taking small but effective steps at evening out its player-base while affording itself room to grow as an MMO.

Apart from the changes being implemented to make the game more ‘newbie-friendly’, Frontier Developments is rolling out several performance improvements, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements across the board. Some of these quality of life improvements include a Pilot’s Handbook, to help players learn the best practices when it comes to flying. Improvements to trading and cockpit navigation are also being implemented, with particular focus on improving the user interface and making things more user-friendly and ergonomic. Elite Dangerous’ Interstellar Initiatives will also be debuting this month, and constitutes Frontier Developments' efforts to replace the game’s unpopular Community Events.

Earlier this year, Frontier Developments announced that it would not be dropping any major content releases until the latter half of 2020. While this announcement was initially met with some concern from the gaming community as well as the game’s player base, the on-going patches, fixes, and minor gameplay improvements are keeping everyone happy, at least for now.

Do you play Elite Dangerous? If so, what do you think of these changes? Will they improve the overall experience that Elite Dangerous provides? If you’re not a player, then does this update - with its focus on making the game more welcoming and new-player friendly - make you consider playing the game? Can you tell us why, or why not? Let us know in the comments section below!

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