ELEX II: Patch 3 Makes Grenade Launchers Craftable Now

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Patch 3 for ELEX II is here, and it brings a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. One of the key changes in this update is that grenade launchers can be crafted now.

ELEX II is the direct sequel to ELEX and it is where you venture into the sci-fi, post-apocalyptic world of Magalan. One of the cool things about this game is that you can explore various areas using a jetpack. Your mission is to unite the different factions to fend off the alien invaders, as well as find Jax’s son, Dex.

In Patch 3, you can now build grenade launchers via the crafting stations. One way to craft weapons in ELEX II is to find three identical damaged weapons. In this case, you will need three damaged grenade launchers to form one. Do not worry since the required materials are easy to come by.

As mentioned earlier, this update brings a ton of bug fixes. The problems that occur when Jax is hit while lockpicking have been resolved. The developers have also added a mechanism to ensure that NPCs will have no problems continuing with their routines after cutscenes.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed unwanted dialog breakups, which could cause potential plot stoppers
  • Fixed wrong behavior of Eva if Jax has committed a crime
  • Fixed Gregor, who had strange behavior after completing the "What doesn’t kill" you quest
  • Fixed plot killers with some main characters who died by mistake
  • Fixed incorrect kill quest amounts of targets
  • Fixed plot killer at the gates of the main former, which remained closed after completing the main quest at this point
  • Fixed situation, where Tilas and Marwin could not get back to work after their conversation
  • Fixed some key bindings issues
  • Fixed a situation, where Irissa could not talk to Jax after she has spoken to Skibor
  • Fixed certain items, that could not be picked
  • Prices were displayed in quantity popup and total cost did not match the actual price with the haggler skill
  • Fixed wrong behavior of Vivian due to committed crimes by Jax in certain areas
  • Fixed a bug in Jax's hitpoints by adding and removing constitution points
  • Fixed climbing issue, no jump when evading after hanging on a ledge
  • Fixed climbing issue, let go when pressing the evade button
  • Fixed deadly weather zones, no more resistances into account
  • Removed rushed movements, when the target is not reachable
  • Fixed a bug, where users were able to upgrade any weapon without losing the two copies needed in the upgrading process

ELEX II Patch 3 is available on PC.

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