Element TD 2 Version 0.63 New Maps and Balance Update

Element TD 2 Version 0.63
Element TD 2 Version 0.63 steam

Element Studios, the developer of Element TD 2 , released a new update bringing new maps and lots of cool stuff. All the FFA and Teams maps get alternative versions, which means the dev team added eight new maps in total. These variations are slightly more difficult compared to the original maps, as it consists of several paths. The Ranked level requirement is now level 15 to make it easier for players.

The developers have also made changes to help the end-game lag. One of these is disabling the VFX rendering off-screen. New graphical options, such as Anisotropic Filter, shadows, and AO quality, have been included to make the game look better.

Element TD 2 Version 0.63


  • VFX will no longer render off-screen, which should drastically help end-game lag.
  • Reduced Ranked Requirement from Level 20 to 15.
  • Graphics Options have been added:
    • Anisotropic Filter: Turn it on to improve texture quality at a distance, especially when viewed at an angle. Good for screenshots. Off by default.
    • Shadows: Choose between Hard and Soft Shadows.
    • AO Quality: Ambient Occlusion, aka draws shadows at intersections. Choose between Off, Low, Medium, and High.
  • Adjusted Score Thresholds for some Missions in Chapter 3. Should make 4 Stars a bit easier to do.
  • The paths for 1-4 Players have been adjusted for Atlantis.
  • War Mode Ability Cooldowns reduced by roughly 20% across the board.
  • Added Turkish localization.


  • Fixed FFA Game Notifications sometimes not turning off properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not join an in-progress game.
  • Fixed Personal Scores in single-player not saving.
  • Fixed a bug in War Mode where abilities would grow in size with each use.
  • Fixed a bug in War Mode where selecting a tower would not only hide the lingering icon, but also "pause" its remaining timer.
  • If you cast Dimensional Rift without hitting any enemies, no icon should appear.
  • Fixed builders sinking into the abyss in the middle of Grand City.
  • Fixed Atlantis minimap being offset.
  • Fixed Fastest Clear stat resetting itself.
  • Fixed a bug where if you select the Friends tab in the Leaderboard, then switch to a map where you have a replay, it'd automatically load that entry.

You can find the complete patch notes here.

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