Eldest Souls Gameplay Trailer: Boss Rush-Focused Title Releases This Summer

The pixel-art game will be releasing for PC and Switch.
Boss-rush Souls-like Eldest Souls receives a gameplay trailer, due to be released later this summer.
Boss-rush Souls-like Eldest Souls receives a gameplay trailer, due to be released later this summer. United Label

Publisher United Label and developer Fallen Flag Studio have just unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their “challenging pixel art boss rush game” Eldest Souls. The gameplay trailer runs for almost a minute and showcases a number of the bosses that players should expect come launch date, and a couple of skills and moves that the player characters have that they can employ to their advantage.

Originally announced in March of this year for the Nintendo Switch, Eldest Souls is a pixel styled beat ‘em up title that is inspired largely by the iconic Souls series. Players assume the role of an unnamed warrior who is plunged into the Citadel: an old institution which used to be the prison of the Ancient Gods. In this vast labyrinthine temple-prison, the player must journey towards slaying all the bosses to return the human Kingdoms to order. Slaying the Old Gods is no easy feat, and this is only made more difficult by the numerous quests and mysteries that shroud the temple. However, if players are lucky or skilled enough, they might just be granted powers beyond “mortal comprehension”.

The gameplay for Eldest Souls mainly revolves around exploration and difficult boss fights (which take up the brunt of the game, as stated from its “boss rush” descriptor). No details have been confirmed yet, but I would assume (and hope) that it is similar to the first Souls title in that it is non-linear. To progress, players must slay the Ancient Gods, which grants players more abilities and powers. Talent trees and magical shards can also be found by doing other quests and meeting other NPCs inside the Citadel, which then boost the player’s combat skill.

Eldest Souls looks and feels like an ambitious and intriguing homage to the Souls series so far. Only time will tell if developers at Fallen Flag are able to execute. Eldest Souls will launch for PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop this coming summer. Fallen Flag Studio also has another title set to release in Summer: Röki - an indie adventure title inspired by Scandinavian folklore. Expect Röki to release on July 24.

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