The Elder Scrolls Online Update 7.3.5 Introduces Ascending Tide DLC

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The Elder Scrolls Online has just received a new update and it is available for download. Update 7.3.5 introduces the Ascending Tide DLC that brings two new dungeons, item sets, collectibles, furnishings, and achievements. Make sure you have some free space on your hard drive because this update is 2.52 GB in size.


Players who’ve tried the test server might have already experienced the new dungeons. But for those who haven’t, they can explore these dungeons for the first time in Update 7.3.5.

The first dungeon is called Coral Aerie. The goal of this dungeon is for players to rescue Captain Kaleen’s former crew members and recover the stolen goods. This dungeon is suited for four players and can be found in northern Summerset, North of the Veyond Wyte Wayshrine.

The second dungeon is called Shipwright’s Regret. In this dungeon, players have to join forces with Captain Za'ji to improve the Perfect Pounce using the secrets of the finest shipbuilders in Tamriel. This dungeon is also a four-player adventure, which can be found in eastern Rivenspire, East of Fell’s Run.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 7.3.5

  • Increased the threshold for summoning Companions in some instanced gameplay spaces from 2 up to a maximum limit of 4 total player characters and Companions.
  • Companion quests can now be accepted from locations where the Companion cannot be summoned.
  • Fixed issue where Companions would respond to certain situations (like commenting on heavy sacks) less than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Companions would sometimes fail to mount up after combat.
Quests and Zones
  • Moved Nolus Cedus's path so he doesn't interfere with players trying to turn in their crafting dailies. You can keep stabbing him though. As is tradition.
  • The Face of Change: You will no longer be able to talk to [REDACTED] and be immediately jettisoned from conversation.
  • Zenithar's Hollow: The door to the adytum will now display a proper error message if you aren't on the quest and haven't done it yet.
  • Fixed an issue where two Furnishing items shared the name, "Book Stack, Levitating." The new one released with the Deadlands DLC is now named "Fargrave Book Stack, Levitating."
  • Adjusted the default orientation of the “Deadlands Window, Stormglass” so the light projection faces towards you by default. This change doesn’t impact any previous placements of this furnishing but will make it a little more intuitive to place going forward.

You can read more about the update here.

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