Effie: Official Trailer For 3D Platformer Has Been Released

Inspired by 3D platformers like the Jak series and Ratchet and Clank.
Effie is set to be released this June 4 on the PlayStation 4, followed by a PC release sometime later in the year.
Effie is set to be released this June 4 on the PlayStation 4, followed by a PC release sometime later in the year. Inverge Studios

Prepare to take a trip back to the past by the newest PlayStation 4 timed exclusive, Effie.

Inverge Studios, the developer behind the project, came up with the third-person platform game inspired by the early 21th century video games with the same genre like Rayman 3 (2003), Ratchet and Clank (2002), and the Jak Series (2001). According to Inverge Studios, the game is the fruit of their collaboration with PlayStation last year. Inverge wanted to make a game that has meaning to PlayStation and immediately decided that it had to be a 3D platform game.

Its first official trailer was launched not too long ago. It showcases the different locations we’ll be seeing in the game. It also shows a few monsters that the protagonist, Galand, will face. Of course, you can’t miss the introduction of the main antagonist, an evil witch who has the most sinister laugh and still remains a mystery.

The player will play the role of Galand. He was cursed by the evil witch and lost his youth, now he embarks on a journey to get it back. He will defeat evil creatures and face the powerful black magic that reigns over the cities in the region of Oblena. Galand carries a magical shield that also evolves as he continues his quest. It allows him to both defend and fight for himself, plus, it lets him surf his way through the red grassland.

Effie will let you have your fun in its classic action-adventure gameplay. You will utilize your skills to pass platforming challenges, unlock secret areas, and solve puzzles that you encounter in the different environments of the game. You will also be able to freely explore the whole region of Oblena with no loading area restrictions. You can solve the settlements in your own ways, and in what order you decide. Of course, always be on the lookout for collectibles you’ll find lying around in the towns of Oblena. You will also be accompanied by melodic soundtracks all throughout the game.

Effie will be released as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4 on June 4, before eventually seeing a release on the PC by Q3 2019. Check out the game’s site right here for more info.

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