Eden Eternal Launching Worldwide This Thursday

Get ready for a new RPG coming out this week. X-Legend Entertainment

Eden Eternal is officially releasing worldwide on PC May 4. To avoid experiencing congestion on launch day, X-Legend Entertainment is allowing players to pre-install beginning today. Meanwhile, those pre-registered can receive their rewards when they log in on launch day.

Eden Eternal offers everyone an RPG with a diverse game system and charming art style. The game features a wide range of races, including humans, Zumi, Ursun, and Anuran. With each race having its own background, culture, and even architecture, players are sure to have a rich and unique world to explore.

Another feature of the game is the class system which lets players switch freely between different classes, so they experience the game using their own style.

In addition to a diverse class system, the game also offers various gameplay options like guild territory management through quests, productions, and guild wars. There are distinct stories to learn and a reputation for treasures to accumulate as well. Another interesting feature is the Couple System that helps players to make friends with others from around the world.

Launch Celebration

Once the game launches, players can look forward to these events:

  • Leveling Challenge
    • The top 50 players on a single server who reach level 40 the fastest can get an exclusive reward title.
  • Daily Login Rewards
    • Players can obtain a login reward every day by spending at least 10 minutes in-game.
    • Log in for seven days to receive bonus rewards, with even more given to those who log in for 14 consecutive days.
  • Double Rewards Event
    • Based on the number of milestones achieved, players can enjoy double experience and double loot events.
    • Don't miss out on this chance to level up and grab loot.
  • Pre-Registration Code Rewards
    • Log in to the game during the event period to get rewards in the Reward Center of the store.
  • Exclusive Gift Code Rewards
    • Get exclusive rewards by entering the gift code within the given timeframe.
    • A new code is released every two days, so be sure to stay tuned to official announcements.
    • Don't forget to claim rewards before the deadline.

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