EA Sports PGA Tour Gets Exclusive Deal with Augusta National Golf Club

Another exclusive deal.
Another exclusive deal. EA

Last month, Electronic Arts announced that EA Sports PGA Tour is currently in development. Some fans believe it’s an answer to the news that 2K had partnered with Tiger Woods to come up with a new golf video game. It looks like EA has taken advantage of the golf game genre.

This is because the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club is now exclusively part of the EA Sports PGA Tour and to be released under its Road to the Masters content. Fans should be familiar with this event considering it’s one of the most prestigious in the world of golf. The Masters itself first appeared with EA Sports back in 2011 and since then, many golf fans have been wanting it to come back.

That’s not all that EA Sports PGA Tour is offering. Not only is it going to be the home of the Masters Tournament but also other golf major championships. These include the PGA Championship, U.S. Open Championship, and even The Open Championship.

To give players that almost similar experience of the Masters, EA Sports worked with Augusta National. To get the course, for example, EA Sports made use of aerial scanning to gather millions of data points. This allowed developers to recreate with near authenticity the Augusta National. Once the game officially launches, the Road to Masters should deliver all content at almost real-world experience.

In a press statement, EA Sports EVP and GMCam Weber shared they are excited to offer the Masters Tournament exclusively. He added that with different partnerships, they’re now able to offer longtime and new fans the biggest events in the sport.

Meanwhile, No. 1 ranked golfer and 2020 Masters champion Dustin Johnson revealed that when he won last year’s Masters, it was one of the greatest moments in his life. He continued that no tournament deserves to be on the cover of a video game and he’s looking forward to seeing how this is translated to the EA Sports PGA Tour.

No release date has been announced yet for the EA Sports PGA Tour but players can expect more details in the coming months.

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