EA Sports, Adidas, And Google Collaborate To Work On A Mystery Jacquard Product

Project Jacquard Adidas, Google And EA Sports Collaboration
Project Jacquard Adidas, Google And EA Sports Collaboration Google ATAP

Google first announced Project Jacquard in 2016 as a touch-sensitive, smart fabric technology. The technology was first used in a Levi Strauss jacket, which retailed for $350.

After 2016, the noise of Project Jacquard was quickly hushed with newer technologies from competent brands. We even thought that Project Jacquard was done for good and wouldn't be making a comeback. However, a collaboration of Google, Adidas, and EA Sports has spilled water over our claims. A few days ago, Adidas tweeted out the news regarding its collaboration with Google and EA Sports to work on a new Project Jacquard product. The tweet contained a GIF, which did not have much to say except stating, "Play Connected."

Last September, Google unveiled its second generation of Jacquard technology. And now it seems that the company wants to use this updated technology in newer products.

In 2016, Levi Strauss was responsible for sourcing fabric pieces to integrate technology, but this time around it seems like Adidas is going to be playing that role. When coupled with Jacquard technology, clothing can process and communicate sensor-based inputs such as brush up/down, double tap, and cover gestures. These gestures are communicated to a smartphone via the Jacquard tag device, which was also introduced last year. Since Adidas is involved in the collaboration, we expect the resulting product to do something with sports or exercise.

Now, what turns our heads inside out is the involvement of EA Sports., especially when the collaboration is carrying the FIFA Mobile name. It's all guesses for now as to what the final product can turn out be, but if you're curious to know, the tweet also mentioned March 10 as the date when people can expect more information on the collaboration.

As of now, there are only two products that are using the Jacquard technology - a few select Levi's jackets and a Yves Saint Laurent backpack.

So, what do you think this collaboration between Google, EA Sports and Adidas will turn out to be? We think it could be sportswear or a smart jacket aimed at esport professionals. That said, we are guessing just as much as you are, but we only have to wait a couple of weeks to get a complete picture of this mysterious product.

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