Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update 1.3.0: NG+, FOV Slider, and Tons of Bug Fixes

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Techland

Did you enjoy playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human? If yes, you now have one more reason to play it again. The developer of the game, Techland, released a major update today.

This update finally brings the New Game Plus mode, which was revealed before. Players will be able to change their experiences via different modifiers. A new legendary weapon tier will be added in the NG+ playthrough as well.

A new quest, Something Big Has Been Here, is added to the game. The damage output by enemies with a bow has been reduced. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S users can now change their field-of-view via the FOV slider.

We have mentioned the highlights of the update below.

New Game+
  • After finishing it once, the game can be replayed again, only this time with modified game parameters in place to encourage a second playthrough by the implementation of a unique system and experience. The player can now go through the story with revitalized mechanisms. These include new enemy behaviors, more difficult encounters, new objects within the world, namely the newly added inhibitors, and many more changes that will significantly alter the gameplay style and allow the player to develop their character further. All of this is only available in New Game+!
    • 30 new inhibitors
    • New platinum objectives for parkour challenges
    • Updated distribution of the enemies (f.e. Volatiles and Banshee spawn during the night, a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters)
    • A new legendary weapon tier added
    • Gold encounters added
    • Enemy difficulty scales with the player level
Content Update
  • Mutated Infected – New quest added Something Big Has Been Here, which included special elemental Goon variants
Gameplay Updates
  • Enemies with bows are less annoying — decreased damage output
  • Completed achievements are correctly awarded upon completion. This works for the achievements that were obtained before the update as well
  • Fixed missing rewards after Bandit encounters
  • Grappling Hook. Tweaked pull limitations, longer swings will reset the vertical pull values; pulls will have a bigger first value
UI/UX Updates
  • Added FOV slider on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X
  • Improved UI textures optimization
  • Aiden should no longer T-pose in the main menu

You can check out the complete patch notes via the official site .

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