DreadOut 2 Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Set for release on PC via Steam at an unknown date.
Digital Happiness releases a new gameplay trailer for DreadOut 2.
Digital Happiness releases a new gameplay trailer for DreadOut 2. Digital Happiness

Back in 2014, when horror games were hitting an all-time popularity high thanks to Let’s Play videos on YouTube, an Indonesian studio by the name of Digital Happiness released DreadOut, a third-person horror adventure game for the PC. It was not very good on a technical level, with bugs, glitches and a ton of other issues stacked on top of one another, in addition to the clunky gameplay. The jank, however, did little to slow its playerbase, and the game boasts a Mostly Positive reception on Steam, with Mixed reviews coming in recently due to the impending release of a sequel.

As it stands, players should look forward to more jank in the sequel, too, as Digital Happiness has released a new gameplay teaser trailer for DreadOut 2, set to be released at a later date on PC via Steam. Check out the trailer below to see just how it plays like.

As tense and atmospheric as the beginning felt like, it seems like there’s considerably more issues with DreadOut 2 in comparison with the original DreadOut. For one, the framerate in some sections of the game looked pretty bad, and there’s a definite clunky-ness that can be associated to the animation and the game’s returning camera mechanic. As much as I can forgive those back in DreadOut, it would take a really special draw to sell me on this, although I can understand the audience for it.

DreadOut, and by extension DreadOut 2, is an uncommon take on the survival horror genre as it’s infused with very creepy and unsettling Indonesian supernatural horror. Gameplay is mostly akin to the Fatal Frame series, in which you take photos of ghosts in order to dispel them effectively. The whole concept is amazing for the horror genre in general, as you’re literally forced to face your fears in order to progress effectively. I really hope that something can be done with regards to the janky gameplay we’ve seen so far, as there is a scarcity on really atmospheric and genuinely terrifying horror games.

DreadOut 2 will be releasing on PC via Steam at an unannounced date.

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