Dreadlands: Patch 2.31 Introduces Armor Traits and QoL Improvements

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Patch 2.31 for Dreadlands is now available. It introduces armor traits and quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to open loot boxes anywhere.

Dreadlands is a turn-based strategy game that has a similar art style to Borderlands 3. Here, you’ll choose between three warring factions - each with its own unique pros and cons. You will fight over a resource called Glow, which is quite valuable in the game’s post-apocalyptic setting.

Anyway, the latest update brings armor traits. There are some really good ones, such as Thorns which would give you a chance to proc poison on a melee hit, and Regen which has a chance to activate a Heal over Time effect when hit.

Two new weapon traits have been added as well. Incendiary gives a 35% chance on hit to set a particular target on fire. The second is Firestarter and is similar to the first one, except that this is guaranteed to set the target on fire. However, this is only possible using Epic weapons.

For quality-of-life changes, throwing a grenade in less than four squares will now scatter less. Moreover, you’re now able to move your fighter to the mouse cursor by pressing and holding the move command when outside of combat.


Armor Traits
  • Spikes (damage on melee hit)
  • Shroud (-10% ranged hit chance)
  • Overdrive (chance to proc Overdrive buff on hit)
  • Hemostasis (First bleed is negated)
  • Retribution (chance to be inspired on hit)
  • Grit (increased chance to resist pinning)
  • Added Igniter Grenade (fire grenade)
    • Igniter Grenades fire stays for 3 turns
  • Fire now stay on the ground and applies burn to anyone who passes through it
  • Flamethrower fire now stays on the ground for 1 turn
  • Loot boxes can now be opened anywhere, you no longer need to bring them back to your workshop
  • Touch up on shoot lines and move lines to make them look nicer
  • Made it more clear when a fighter is affected by the “Click” debuff and the next shot will jam the weapon
  • Fighters can now Overwatch when pinned
  • Fixed issue with checking melee weapon traits instead of ranged when shooting while standing next to a downed enemy
  • Fixed issue with escaping Wellspring dungeon
  • Fixed bug with grenades causing them to scatter more often than intended
  • Fixed issue with a fighter throwing 2 grenades in the same turn
  • Graphical fix for complete contracts dialog
  • Removed pick lock from workshop since loot boxes can now be opened anywhere
  • Fixed some issues with renaming fighters outside your hideout
  • Pistol and dual pistol Overwatch animation now uses correct animation
  • Overwatch is removed when a soldier is panicked

Dreadlands Patch 2.31 is available on PC.

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