Dota Underworlds September 24 Update Patch Notes: Gameplay Changes And Bug Fixes

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Dota Underlords Big Update Brings Two New Game Modes
Dota Underlords Valve

The latest update for Dota Underworlds tries to change the meta of the game. The September 24 update brings several balancing changes. It also fixed multiple Underworld and Hero related bugs that hindered the player experience. Players will not be damaged by the item Horn of the Alpha after the end of rounds. Axe’s Culling Blade will not be blocked by Aphotic Shield anymore. Pangolier’s taunt by Shield Crash will work as intended. Puck also cannot cast Illusory Orb at the targets that are out of range. Several other changes are made in the update as well. You can read the complete patch notes below, courtesy of Steam.

Dota Underworlds September 24 Update Patch Notes

Underlord Changes


  • Demon Archer no longer scales up damage as Anessix gets closer to casting her ultimate.
  • Rejuvenating Ritual:
    • Description fixed to comport with how the ability actually works.


  • Dr. Enno's Soothing Balm:
    • Description fixed to comport with how the ability actually works.


  • Let's Go Crazy:
    • Now affects Hobgen himself too.


  • Happy Hour:
    • Now affects Jull himself too.

Hero Changes


  • Culling Blade:
    • No longer blocked by Aphotic Shield.


  • Poof:
    • Meepo will shift target cells as needed while channeling, instead of interrupting the channel and starting again whenever his original target cell becomes invalid.


  • Shield Crash:
    • Fixed taunt not working.


  • Illusory Orb:
    • Puck no longer casts Illusory Orb at out of range targets.

Wraith King:

  • Raise Dead:
    • When a dying hero is in range of both friendly and enemy Wraith Kings, the zombie created will be of the same team as the dying hero.

Item Changes

Horn of the Alpha:

  • No longer does player damage at the end of the round.

Alliance Changes


  • Fixed a bug where Alliance summons could do damage at the end of the round.
  • Regularized which Shaman unit summons the creature. The units are sorted by star level, then by draft tier, then by position (preferring backline heroes), and finally if there is a tie the hero bought (or combined if two or three star) first wins.
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