Dota 2 SG Major: See Our Picks for Day 2 of Playoffs

See what's going to happen in Day 2.
See what's going to happen in Day 2. One Esports

The Playoffs for the Dota 2 Singapore Major have started. The matches for round one of the Upper Bracket are done. Day two will see matches in the Lower Bracket while day three will present round two of both Upper and Lower Brackets.

You can see the results for day one here. Read on to know what we think of the upcoming matches.

Lower Bracket

Below are the matches for round one of the Lower Bracket and what we think about them:

  • vs. Quincy Crew
    • Prediction: This one is a bit difficult but we’re going with Quincy Crew. VP is a strong team yet they’re coming from a loss. So, we think the momentum is on QC.
  • Thunder Predator vs. Team Aster
    • Prediction: We’re high on South American fever, which means it’s Thunder Predator for us. Aster hasn’t been doing that well so far and we like to think Thunder Predator has more drive to win.
  • Vici Gaming vs. Team Liquid
    • Prediction: In the Wild Card, VG won 2–0 against Liquid. However, in the Group Stage, Liquid returned the favor and beat VG 2–0. We’re calling it for Liquid. Yes, VG may have more experience but Liquid has been showing better performance.
  • Fnatic vs. OB Esports x Neon
    • Prediction: Cards on the table, we’re a bit sad that two SEA teams are again facing each other with one facing elimination. Without a doubt, this one is going to Fnatic considering experience and skills. Though we do believe Neon won’t be rolling over that easy.

Upper Bracket

While day three is all about the Lower Brackets, the first part is the matches for the Upper Bracket Round Two. Here's what we think:

  • Evil Geniuses vs. Invictus Gaming
    • Prediction: It’s clear that iG is on a roll and despite the talent present in EG, we’re calling it for iG. It is indeed interesting to see how EG would play this one out. This is because we’re not discounting the fact that EG could be a dark horse and surprise everyone.
  • Team Secret vs. PSG.LGD
    • Prediction: Is there even a question as to which team we’re picking here? They’re currently the top Dota 2 team in the world. While admittedly it’s sad to see PSG.LGD’s efforts go to a loss, they need to come out with something better if they are to beat Secret.

What about you? Which are your picks for the next round of matches?

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