Dota 2 Premiering True Sight For TI9 On January 28

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Action behind the scenes.
Action behind the scenes. Valve

Dota 2 documentary True Sight: The International 2019 will have its world premiere on January 28. A live viewing is going to be held at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany. As an added treat, the audience will be joined by Dota 2 teams OG and Nigma, then known as Team Liquid. The special event is going to be hosted by casters Owen "ODPixel" Davies and Ioannis "Fogged" Loucas, along with Kaci "Kaci" Aitchison and Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner.

The world premier starts at 1:00 p.m. EST.


The first True Sight was first released back in 2016 and was divided into three episodes. It showcased Evil Geniuses and Fnatic as the two teams worked to rebuild their rosters in time for The Boston Major. During that time, Fnatic would be eliminated from the qualifiers. EG, meanwhile, reached the semi-finals only for them to be taken down by OG.

The next True Sight was released in 2017 and focused on the Kiev Major Grand Finals. It looked into the events backstage as OG played against in the Grand Finals. If you forgot about that match, it was one that went the distance and featured some truly championship-caliber performances.

In the same year, another True Sight episode was released and this time looked at the events of The International 2017. One particular highlight was the fight between Team Liquid against Newbee. The pressure was high for both teams as they battled for what at the time was the largest grand prize in esports. However, unlike the Kiev Major, this one was a blowout with Liquid sweeping Newbee 3-0. Making the victory sweeter for Liquid was that they started the Playoffs in the Upper Bracket before being dropped to the Lower Bracket. They then needed to work their way to the Grand Finals to eventually secure the Aegis.

In January 2019, Valve released a True Sight episode on OG and PSG.LGD as they fought in the Grand Finals of The International 2018. That one was also exciting as the match reached game five. OG won that one and raised the Aegis up high.

New Episode

For this upcoming episode, fans finally get the chance to see how the story unfolded as the teams themselves also relive this epic journey. The International 2019 was indeed an exciting one as Team Liquid played against OG with the winner earning the of the first two-time champion. Making it even more exciting was the fact that if Liquid won, it would have meant another Lower Bracket run to victory. For OG, it would mean a back-to-back championship. OG later won the championship 3-1.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the new True Sight episode?

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