Dota 2 TI10: OG Says Goodbye to Three-Peat Dream; T1 Also Eliminated

Third time's not the charm.
Third time's not the charm. Twitter/@OGesports

Just like that, OG’s dream of hoisting the Aegis for the third year in a row is gone. That dream was crushed by Team Spirit on Day Four of Dota 2 The International 10. The loss means OG takes home $1 million of the prize pool.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for OG heading to the tournament. They had trouble during the regular DPC season, failing to join any of the two Majors. Even during the Western Europe Qualifier, it wasn’t easy for the former champions. Still, they managed to hold and gave hope to their fans worldwide.

In the Group Stage, OG had a good start but appeared to falter during the last days. The team entered the top four although, at the time, there was the possibility that they would have to play in tie-breaker matches. In the end, they were able to join the Upper Bracket.

In the first round of the Upper Bracket, their match was against Team Secret. While many people were expecting a fair fight, it was pretty much a stomp. OG couldn’t find an answer to what Secret was dishing out and moved to the Lower Bracket. With their backs against the wall, they showcased the "OG" that people love and routed Quincy Crew with a 2–0 win.

Their next match was against Spirit. For the first game, OG had a good lead, despite Spirit having more team kills. With Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan on Tiny, it seemed that OG was poised to win the game. Spirit, however, turned things around to get the victory.

In the second game, Spirit went to work early and OG couldn’t do anything. OG called GG just a minute before the 30-minute mark and said goodbye to the tournament.

Another Dream Bites the Dust

Fans from the SEA region were also in for a disappointment as T1 bowed out of the tournament after losing 1–2 against Vici Gaming.

While T1 won the first game, it was pretty much an even battle. Still, it was a big win for the team. Sadly, T1 wasn’t able to capitalize on their momentum for the second game and gave the victory to VG. By the third game, it was all VG and T1 had to call GG before the 30-minute mark.

T1 ends at the same placement as OG and goes home with the same amount. With T1’s loss, the tournament is pretty much now European teams versus Chinese teams. As of this writing, Day Four has one match remaining which is against Team Spirit.

Who do you think is winning this match?

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