Dota 2 Hit With Another Major Server Issue

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The game continues to experience some major server issue as Valve continues to update the matchmaking system.
The game continues to experience some major server issue as Valve continues to update the matchmaking system. Valve

Valve is working on improving the overall matchmaking system of Dota 2. However, its efforts to do so seem to have consequences, particularly affecting the game’s servers. Dota 2 players from the Oceania region are reportedly experiencing issues joining matches. Apparently, this is quite different from the issues players in Europe and North America are experiencing. In these regions, it is almost impossible for players to join matches.

The most prominent problem in terms of the game’s servers comes from Australia, where it has gotten so bad players cannot even spectate matches. This issue rose about 15 days after the region experienced a major server issue. During that time, Dota 2 was completely inaccessible.

Currently, players with decent MMR are waiting for at least 30 minutes just to join a match. However, this is not the only issue they are complaining about. Some of them are also experiencing additional lag spikes despite having a good internet connection.

Dota 2 players discussed on Reddit that the matchmaking system tends to loop, but gets filled right away. From there, the timer gets a reset of up to 10 times on average. A workaround players are doing right now is creating a lobby and inviting others to play a match together.

While both the Chinese and Southeast Asian servers are fine, they are affected by the server issue of other regions. That is because players would rather play in these regions. Unfortunately, playing in these regions is not a permanent solution for those who just want to play a casual match.

There is no doubt that Valve wants Dota 2 to be freed from toxicity while making sure its matchmaking system is significantly improved. The only catch, however, is that these moves came with a lot of issues, one of which is making it impossible for players to experience a normal queue.

As of this writing, Valve has yet to provide a fix. But based on previous updates, server issues still tend to surface even after getting fixed. Looks like the developers really need to start looking at these problems more closely.

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