Dota 2 ESL One Fall 2021:, Tundra Esports Off to a Good Start

Twp days down and two days left for the Group Stage.
Twp days down and two days left for the Group Stage. ESL One and Tundra Esports are both off to a good start with three wins each at the Dota 2 ESL One Fall: Bootcamp Edition. Today is the third day of matches and what’s interesting is the two are set to face off against each other. Whoever wins is likely to have an Upper Bracket placement for the Playoffs.

Group A

Both VP and Tundra are in this group. Both teams have managed to beat Thunder Predator and Team Spirit. VP beat Creepwave while Tundra defeated T1. After these two teams meet, Tundra will go against Creepwave while VP against T1.

T1 still has a chance to have an Upper Bracket placement but it will be an uphill climb for the team. Meanwhile, Thunder and Creepwave are both on the verge of elimination.

The remaining games for this group are:
  • August 23
    • vs. Tundra Esports
    • Team Spirit vs. Creepwave
  • August 24
    • vs. T1
    • Thunder Predator vs. Team Spirit
    • Creepwave vs. Tundra Esports

Group B

It’s not that easy to see which teams in this group are going to the Upper Bracket. That’s because they haven’t played a lot of games, unlike Group A. That should change after today.

So far, Alliance and Beastcoast are leading with two having one win and one draw each. One highlight is Beastcoast beating PSG.LGD 2–0. That doesn’t mean you should count out PSG.LGD though.

The games for this group are:

  • August 23
    • Alliance vs. PSG.LGD
    • Team Liquid vs. Team Empire
    • SG esports vs. Beastcoast
    • Team Liquid vs. PSG.LGD
    • Alliance vs. Beastcoast
    • SG esports vs. Team Empire
  • August 24
    • Alliance vs. Team Liquid
    • PSG.LGD vs. SG esports
    • Team Empire vs. Beastcoast

Prediction Status

The Group Stage of the tournament started last Saturday, August 21. Final matches are scheduled for August 24 with Playoffs from August 26 to August 29. The prize pool is at $400,000 with the tournament winner getting to take home $175,00.

In terms of prediction, it looks like we were right to call it for VP. However, for T1, it looks like the team may have to settle for the Lower Bracket. For Group B, it seems Beastcoast has a chance to make it to the Upper Bracket. We still have faith that PSG.LGD can make it.

What about you? How are the teams you are rooting for doing so far?

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