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Although it can be possible to get lost slaying hordes after hordes of demons, adventurers playing Doom Eternal might actually spend time exploring the beautiful and puzzling locations of the game in search of collectibles. However, if you don't want to spend too much time looking for these collectibles on your own, you're in the right place. We have listed down all collectible toy locations in Doom Eternal.

Mission 1: Hell On Earth

Zombie Toy
Zombie Toy YouTube

In the first mission, you're going to find the first toy, the Zombie Toy. The collectible is found as soon as you grab the chainsaw. Turn to the left, break the wall, and follow the path to find the first toy.

Doom Slayer Toy
Doom Slayer Toy SegmentNext

After the Zombie Toy, the next collectible can be found right after accessing the modbot and breaking the wall. This collectible shouldn't be hard to miss, but you can certainly miss it as the ledge that needs to be climbed up is hidden from the camera view. So, just after breaking the wall past the modbot, look to your top left and grab the ledge to get the Doom Slayer Toy.

Imp Toy
Imp Toy YouTube

The next toy is the Imp Toy, which can be found after acquiring the Heavy Cannon assault rifle and clearing the following room of all demons. After clearing enemies, you'll find an area with glowing lights. Grab the ledge and break the cracked wall to find the collectible.

Mission 2: Exultia

Arachnotron toy
Arachnotron toy YouTube

There are two collectible toys in the Exultia mission, the first one is the Arachnotron Toy, which is hidden behind a cracked wall. Once you've acquired the rune, tread down the stairs until you find an opening. This is where the toy is hidden.

Cacodemon Toy
Cacodemon Toy YouTube

Next up is the Cacodemon toy. It can be found towards the end of the mission and it is located near the platforms with electrical fences going up and down. After grabbing the extra life, dash across the lava to grab the toy.

Mission 3: Cultist Base

Gargoyle toy
Gargoyle toy YouTube

Two toys can be found in the Cultist Base mission. The first one is the Gargoyle toy, which can be found right at the start of the mission. The toy is located on the opposite side of the walls covered with red mines.

Soldier Blaster toy
Soldier Blaster toy YouTube

The next toy is a Soldier Blaster toy that can be found in the hallways with pendulum axes. There's a vent next to the second ax, going through this vent will lead you to the collectible.

Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base

Lost Soul toy
Lost Soul toy YouTube

Similarly, there are two collectible toys in the Doom Hunter Base. The first one is a Lost Soul toy that can be collected by taking the platform in the lava room. Once the platform reaches high enough, dash forward to grab the toy.

Hell Knight toy
Hell Knight toy YouTube

Towards the end of the mission, you'll head toward a room for a boss fight. As you descend the stairs near the ammo and health pickup area, look for a green shootable target to open a secret vent to the Hell Knight toy.

Mission 5: Super Gore Nest

Mech Zombie Toy
Mech Zombie Toy YouTube

There are three collectible toys in the Super Gore Nest level, and the first one is in a tower of flesh in the wide-open area near the fallen mech. Once inside the tower, use the monkey bar to dash onto a ledge and secure the Mech Zombie Toy.

Shield Soldier Toy
Shield Soldier Toy YouTube

As you progress through the mission, you'll find yourself in a room full of demons and two monkey bars that can be used to gain access to a hidden spot above. This is where you'll find the Shield Soldier Toy.

Revenant Toy
Revenant Toy YouTube

Near the waterfall area, there are turrets that have to be accessed. Proceed with the mission until you find a platform in the middle. Turn to your left to find a sewer pipe, enter it and go down to find the Revenant Toy.

Mission 6: Arc Complex

Mancubus Toy
Mancubus Toy YouTube

At the start of the mission, you'll find stairs that lead up the building. Once you go up the stairs, you'll be greeted by a Mancubus charging at you. After you kill the Mancubus, head straight to the area where the monster charged you from to find the Mancubus Toy hidden behind a pillar.

Cueball Toy
Cueball Toy YouTube

The Cueball Toy is waiting for you on a ledge after you have fought the demons through the elevator. After exiting the elevator, turn to the left and head up the stairs and jump the gap to secure the toy.

Whiplash Toy
Whiplash Toy YouTube

Further, into the mission, you find the Whiplash Toy waiting at a secret section in the collapsed iron bars area. You'll find a small opening in the area, so jump across it to grab the toy.

Mission 7: Mars Core

Prowler Toy
Prowler Toy YouTube

Three toys are hiding in the Mars Core mission, the first one being the Prowler Toy that can be found after using the BFG-10,000. Use the elevator to go up and grab the goodie.

Carcass Toy
Carcass Toy YouTube

In the same location, beat some waves of demons and look for a blue vent, then go through it to find the Carcass Toy waiting behind a pillar.

Pinky Toy
Pinky Toy YouTube

Towards the end of the mission, drop down from the vent and look to your left for a blue vent. Follow it to obtain the Pinky Toy.

Mission 8: Taras Nabad

Cyber Mancubus Toy
Cyber Mancubus Toy YouTube

Again, three collectibles toys can be found in the Tarab Nabad mission area. In the open area, look for a punchable statue. Punching the statue should open a gate to the collectible Cyber Mancubus Toy.

Marauder Toy
Marauder Toy YouTube

Upon coming across the fallen titan, look for a breakable wall near the titan. Go through it to grab the Marauder Toy.

Pain Elemental Toy
Pain Elemental Toy YouTube

The final toy is a Pain Elemental Toy located near the radiation suit. Once the suit has been grabbed, jump through the hole and once you come across a breakable wall, dash through it.

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