The Division 2 Title Update 3 Patch Notes - Operation Dark Hours Is Here

The update will drop on May 16.
The Gear Score for all equipment will remain at 500.
The Gear Score for all equipment will remain at 500. Ubisoft

The Division 2’s very first raid comes on May 16, and we’ve got the patch notes for this huge Title Update 3.

After being delayed back in April due to some concerns within development, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft will finally roll out Operation Dark Hours, which is the game’s first ever 8-player raid. Ubisoft has also put out a press release with regards to the raid, and the good things that await the first team that finishes it.

"The first team to complete Operation Dark Hours after it goes live will be forever immortalized in-game by having their team photo and names displayed in The Division 2's White House for all players to see," the press release states. "All other players that complete Operation Dark Hours between May 16 and May 23 will receive a commemorative Arm Patch, while players who complete the raid after those dates will be rewarded with a clan banner icon and a trophy in their clan space."

You can check out the entirety of the patch notes here, and a rundown of the important aspects of the raid below.

New Feature: Operation Dark Hours

Operation Dark Hours is our first 8-player raid coming to The Division 2. Teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be necessary to defeat the Black Tusk. More information and exact opening times will be revealed soon.

New Feature: Classified Assignments: The Fall of DC

Classified Assignments are exclusive missions for owners of the Year 1 Pass. Discover and complete these missions to hear stories behind the fall of DC as well as unlocking exclusive Backpack Trophies. Title Update 3 includes the first two Classified Assignments.

New Apparel Event: Dark Hours

Starting together with the raid release, our second Apparel event will introduce new outfits, masks, emotes and weapon skins!


  • Added Operation Dark Hours Achievement / Trophy.


Added new Commendations for Operation Dark Hours.

Removed the following Commendations.

  • 28 Days Distinction - Record 672 hours (28 days) of time in-game.
  • Distinguished Service Ribbon – For 30 consecutive days, on each day play for at least 1h and complete 1 mission.
  • Supreme Response Distinction - For 7 consecutive days, on each day complete 4 main missions and rescue 5 civilians.
  • Year One Merit - Play on 14 days per month, on a total of 12 months.
  • Division Service Merit - For a total of 100 days, on each day play for at least 1hour and deliver 20 resources to control points.
  • Developer comment: We removed these Commendations as we felt that they were not delivering a great experience for players. Often times you could miss out on your daily login or lose your streak with no error of your own. We’re adding different Commendations that still let you show off your dedication towards the game, without the login requirements. For those players that have already earned the above-mentioned Commendations they will remain visible as completed.

Added a new vanity patch reward for all players as compensation for any lost time due to the above changes.

Added five new Commendations

  • Full Deck Distinction – Acquire all Snitch Cards.
  • Distinguished Service Distinction – Complete 30 hours of service.
  • Supreme Response Distinction – Complete all main missions and Strongholds on Hard difficulty (or above).
  • Control Point Takeover Merit – Take over 50 Heroic Control Points.
  • Invasion Service Merit – Complete 10 Invaded Strongholds.

Changed Peacock Award to specifically use the ‘Jumping Jacks’ emote.

Changed Mission Discovery Merit Commendations to track when a player collects loot from loot boxes, not opening the loot boxes. This will ensure that all players that are in a group can earn this Commendation when playing the respective missions.

For more information on the upcoming patch and the Operation Dark Hours Raid, check out the entirety of the post here.

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