The Division 2: Title Update 16 PTS Phase 2 Brings Changes to Umbra Initiative

Title Update 16 Phase 2
Title Update 16 Phase 2 Twitter/@TheDivisionGame

The second phase of Title Update 16 for The Division 2 is now available on the public test server for players to try out. This update includes changes to the new Umbra Initiative set.

The Umbra Initiative is a new gear set featured in Title Update 16 for The Division 2. This is a unique set because it comes with two talents: From the Shadows and Into the Light. The former gives players a stacking buff that increases their critical damage and attack speed while out of cover. The latter provides players with a stacking buff that increases armor regen only when in-cover.

According to the developers, the offensive bonus provided by the Umbra Initiative wears out too fast for it to be meaningful. So, they reduced the stack attribution for the “From the Shadows” talent. Now, players lose two stacks rather than four per second at normal speed, and one stack instead of two when sprinting.

For Into the Light, the armor regen value is increased from 0.5% to 0.8% when stacks are consumed.

Title Update 16 Phase 2 also brought other balancing changes. Here are just some of them:

Brazos de Arcabuz - Gear Brand Set
  • Gear Brand Set name changed from Arcabuz Brazos to Brazos de Arcabuz
  • Changed 3 Pieces Set bonus reward from 20% Ammo Capacity to 20% Magazine Size
  • Talent name changed from Perfected Overclock to Perfect Overclock
  • Buffed Perfect Overclock Talent
    • Allies within 15 meters radius of player’s deployed skills gain +30% reload speed and reduce their active cooldowns by 0.6 seconds each second
  • Added new brand logo
  • Picaros Holster:
    • Removed the 20% Weapon Damage bonus from the Attributes. Instead, Picaros Holster will now provide a 20% Weapon Damage Perfect CORE Attribute and roll normally 2 random Attributes.
Doctor Home
  • Increased RPM from 200 to 350
  • Fixed an issue with the armor kit dropping from unmarked targets
Busy Little Bee
  • Talent Busy Little Bee: Each shot to a different target will give 1 stack – up to 10 max, with each stack giving a 20% Weapon Damage increase. Stacks will activate once the weapon is switched and will last for 10 seconds. Changing weapons again during the said 10 seconds will cancel the buff.
  • Added an option to sell from Stash at each vendor players can sell stuff to
  • Starting from World Tier 5 and above, Exotic components will now have a chance to drop from Control Points Chests starting from Alert level 3 and DZ chests

The Division 2 Title Update 16 Phase 2 is available on PC.

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