Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Releases This November In the West

The party game will be released a month earlier in Japan.
Bandai Namco announces a November 8 Western release date for Disney Tsum Tsum Festival.
Bandai Namco announces a November 8 Western release date for Disney Tsum Tsum Festival. Bandai Namco

The mobile party game Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on November 8, as announced by publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival’s main goal is for players to compete with their friends to earn coins, rack up points, and collect the adorable Tsum Tsums: Disney’s fluffiest little plushes. You can start by playing the popular puzzle game with a friend to see who has the best popping skills. You start off by picking your Tsum Tsum and connecting them to create the longest chain. The longer your chain is, the more points you get. Other activities include Bubble Hockey, Curling, Ice Cream Stacker and Coin Dozer.

You can also connect online with other players from all over the world to keep that fun party mode going by playing an activity or two and seeing who will be able to climb to the top of the leaderboards and earn the highest score of the day. This feature supports one to four players in both online and local multiplayer. Lastly, by playing more and more each day and actually winning, you earn points, which will get you more coins and in turn will allow you to purchase more and more Tsum Tsums to build up the cutest and fluffiest collection among your friends.

Fans of Disney characters and the real life Tsum Tsum plushies should be picking this up immediately. For those looking for wholesome multiplayer fun, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival may be worth a try. Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will launch in the Americas and Europe on November 8, 2019. This is dated a month after Disney Tsum Tsum Festival’s release in Japan.

Aside from just the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival video game, Nintendo Japan has also revealed a Disney themed Switch console that is adorned with a pink and purple Joy-con. This special version of the Switch will also be sold with Disney Tsum Tsum Festival included. No mention has been made yet as to whether the customized console will be release in the West, so it is safe to assume that this will be a Japan exclusive.

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