Dislyte Adds the Esper Fusion and Record Assist Features in Patch 2.1.2

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Patch 2.1.2 for turn-based RPG Dislyte adds two new amazing features, Esper Fusion and Record Assist. This update also adds other optimizations and adjustments.

New Features

For those who are new to Dislyte, Espers are the heroes that you can use in the game. The newly added Esper, Fusion, allows you to combine a specific low star rating Esper along with three others to create an Esper that you want. This feature is needed if you want to acquire the Legendary Wind-attuned Esper Gabrielle (Njord) and the Epic Wind-attuned Esper Fabrice (Freyr), among others.

The Record Assist feature, on the other hand, is unlocked when you join a club. Once you are a member, you can post a Wish Card every day where you can choose any of the following elemental classes: Inferno, Flow, and Wind. A Wish Card contains four to five random Record Fragments that match your card’s elemental class.

You can collect three Wish Stickers of the same elemental class and exchange them for a corresponding Wish Card as well. These stickers can be obtained from Club sign-ins, daily tasks, and the Friendship Shop.

Once you’ve acquired 20 Record Fragments of a particular element, you can use it to obtain a three to five-star Esper of the same elemental class.

Patch Highlights

  • Added a Battle Report system that allows players to check Espers’ statistics and ratings in Story, Ritual, Sonic, Infinite and Cube Miracles, Ripple Dimension, Point War, and other Battle Result screens
  • Added new Tactics Exams for Raven (Odin), Lucas (Apollo), and Dhalia (Calypso)
  • Added second Album in Career record for max leveled Raven (Odin), Clara (Hera), Narmer (Ra), Unas (Shu), and Lin Xiao (White Tiger)
Cube Miracle
  • Cube Miracle now has several difficulties. Clear a difficulty to unlock the next difficulty
  • Cube Miracle now has more strategic factors. These factors include collapsing unselected tiles, Rune Upgrade, Death Inheritance, etc.
  • You now get rewards after winning a battle instead of opening chests in the Cube Miracle. Chest Rewards are still available when clearing a level. You will get better-aforementioned rewards the higher the difficulty you choose
  • The Mythic Relic Pack in the Cube Shop now contains Gear Crafting materials
General Changes
  • Increased the number of items an Esper can carry in their Inventory
  • Optimized an issue where players could not reconnect to the Esper Arena after a disconnection

The full changelog for Patch 2.1.2 can be found on the game’s official website.

Dislyte is available on Android and PC.

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