Dire Destiny: Time Travel Now on Steam

Get ready for a steampunk adventure.
Get ready for a steampunk adventure. OKJOY

The roguelike tactic card game Dire Destiny: Time Travel is now available on Steam. The game is free to download with some characters available for purchase. It's also available on mobile platforms.

The game is set in a world where iron and magic coexisted. As machines started to become more and more powerful, they began to attack the human race, threatening mankind of extinction. However, an emissary calling himself as the "protector of mankind" managed to summon heroes from different time and space.

The Heroes

  • Pilot
    • She comes from a time where the mechanized army rules the world and the human race has been forced to hide underground.
    • She has always been eager to fly out of the ground in her fighter plane, defeat the mechanical army, and save the world.
  • Samurai
    • The samurai comes from the period of Japanese Warring States.
    • As someone appreciated and supported by the monarch, the samurai was able to practice his unmatched sword skills day after day.
    • He was the most loyal and powerful samurai around the monarch.
    • When he is summoned to the steam age, he hopes to solve the problems of this world as soon as possible and find a way to return to his own time-space.
  • The Engineer
    • He comes from the prosperous steam age.
    • There is no complicated machinery that he cannot make.

Game Features

  • The Steampunk Age
    • Magic elements like constellations and Gods are contained in architectures.
    • Players can also look at steampunk buildings from the Victorian period in the 19th century.
    • All of the settings are closely combined with the game’s story and give players an immersive experience.
  • Hundreds of Combinations
    • Players can collect cards in many ways and sift through them by making different combinations.
    • During combat, players can also use combos to win.
  • More Combos
    • Experience an original fusion system of cards.
    • Once players arrive at a designated location, they can make a custom combo of the cards they own.
    • Different skills from two cards start to fuse together and add more creative tactics.
  • Random Events
    • There are mechanisms of Adventures and Treasures which can be triggered by chance.
    • Players able to finish random missions in Adventures get rewards like more cards or more buffs.
    • It's also possible to get cards and gold coins from the machine shop.

Dire Destiny: Time Travel on Steam now.

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