Diabotical: Patch 0.20.468 Resolves Issues with the PNCR

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The developers of arena shooter Diabotical have launched Patch 0.20.468, and it resolves some issues with the PNCR. It also brings some improvements, particularly to the tournament and matchmaking systems.

The PNCR (Point’n’Click Rifle) is a long-range instant hit weapon that rewards accurate shots. That’s because this gun deals more damage when opponents are hit consecutively. Having said that, some bugs have been squashed in this update. For instance, the bug that disabled the PNCR’s knockback is now fixed. Furthermore, the issue where the PNCR beam’s visuals do not go through players has been resolved.

In addition, the situation where various issues could result in too many players being on the same team has been addressed. Diabotical has now gotten better in detecting disconnected players in ranked matches as well.

For improvements, there is now an option that allows staff to create a community tournament that will be visible to everyone. Besides that, the algorithm that improves tournament match server selection has been implemented.


  • Fixed projectiles becoming stuck in moving props like doors or weapon clipped props when fired from within
  • Increased the Rocket Launcher’s secondary attack (grenades) ammo usage to 3
  • Increased the time before being able to switch to other weapons or fire primary after firing rocket launcher secondary to match the old standalone Grenade Launcher values
  • Decreased the horizontal radius of rocket and grenade projectiles to 1 unit for hit detection
  • Added impact sounds for the Shotgun’s secondary attack
  • Added a humming sound to the Void Cannon like the Shaft and PNCR have, which is audible to other players nearby
  • Added current game time and team scores to the match hover info box in the Play menu
  • Added an option to select maps from other game modes in the Custom Game’s map selection modal
  • Fixed some tampering vulnerabilities in the interface
  • Fixed changing the eggbot color in the locker not updating the preview model right away
  • Updated the dead state overlay image on player avatars
  • Replaced the ready up message with a "waiting for players" message when not enough players are present to start a match
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple team-join messages to be displayed in the console when someone connects
  • Fixed an issue with continuous matches preventing clients from being pulled into pickups or queued matches
  • Changed the join by ID button in the tournament list screen to an open by ID button to be able to open and view the tournament page before signing up
  • Added a required option for tournament creators to set a signup start time
  • Collision fixes to Toxic, Brut, Sanctum, Machine, Darkness, Dynamo, Rekiem, Coyote, Caliburn, Mediterranean Market

Diabotical Patch 0.20.468 is available on PC.

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