Diablo IV: Here's How the Governing & Tuning Stones Work in Season on Constructs

Make your new companion powerful. Blizzard

The Season of the Construct is just around the corner. It's going live in Diablo IV this January 23. One of the new contents coming is the new Dungeon type that's called Vaults. However, we're more interested in the seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion.

With this new season, a Seasonal Questline is available where players get to have their very own Seneschal Companion. This compliments players as they go on their adventure by helping in the sidelines or engaging directly in the fight. How this works is that Governing and Tuning Stones are available which can augment the Seneschal that best fit their targeted build. By the way, did we mention that once you get your very own Seneschal, they'll be following you everywhere in Sanctuary until the season ends?

Seneschals can be equipped with 2 Governing Stones and 6 Tuning Stones, which is one Governing stone for each attack and three Tuning Stones to augment the ability.

Governing Stones

Governing Stones in particular determine the attacks. Autodefense for example has the Seneschal Construct activating an antimaterial field around itself which can shoot down enemy projectiles. Slash meanwhile pummel enemies that's in front of the Seneschal Construct while also dealing.

Turning Stones

Tuning Stones meanwhile augment skills and provide greater utility. Tactical Support for instance decreases the cooldown of the supported Skill while Poison Support has a portion of the supported skill's damage dealt applied as Poison damage over time with the poison having a chance each second to spread all Poison damage to an additional enemy.

Getting the Stones

There are different ways to get the stones. Completing Vaults for example let you earn a random Tuning Stone and getting Wardwoven Chests allow you to obtain additional Tuning Stones. Both types of stones do drop when playing Vaults and Arcane Tremors though there's only a low chance of them appearing.

You can also get what's known as a Shattered Stone when defeating enemy Constructs that's within the Vaults. This type of stone can be crafted into Governing and Tuning Stones at Jewelers which can be found across Sanctuary.

Unlocking the Full Power

To make the most out of the Stones, you'll need to unlock their full power. You can to increase their raw power by levelling them. What you need to do is collect or craft duplicates of the same Stones. You can then fuse them together which gives you experience and then level up the currently held Stones. By increasing the level of the Stones, you also increase the potency and even the ability of the attacks. Meanwhile, increasing the level of the Tuning Stones give extra projectiles or augment the damage type they perform.

Diablo IV is available for the PC and console platforms via PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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