Diablo 3 Brings Back the Darkening of Tristram

Go back to the early days.
Go back to the early days. Blizzard

Any Diablo player worth his salt knows that everything started back in Tristram. The town, its unique NPCs, and the monsters were all introduced in the first game of the franchise. Diablo was released all the way back on January 3, 1997, and that means it recently celebrated its anniversary.

As part of that celebration, Diablo 3 has brought back the Darkening of Tristram. This is an excellent treat not only for veterans wanting nostalgia but also for newbies who want to experience what it was like playing the first game.

In the Darkening of Tristram, the journey starts as players follow some mysterious cultists that are causing trouble in Sanctuary. Eventually, the clues lead to a portal that goes into Tristram’s past along with the darkness, which gripped the town years ago.

As players explore and follow the clues, veterans are sure to see that all-too-familiar cathedral. All that needs to be done is go through some familiar enemies and grab iconic items. However, deep within the catacombs is none other than the Dark Lord himself, waiting for adventurers who dare to challenge him.

Completing activities in this event earn rewards that include, among others, unique transmogrification effects, achievements, portraits, and pets. Like the first game, some of the rewards are easy to find. But there are rewards that need players to look behind every nook and corner and even unlock each achievement.

The event is set to end on January 31, so there’s a lot of time to go through everything. Remember, you need to look for the cultists and then find the portal.

After it was released, Diablo became the highest-selling computer title in the US for the first six months of 1997. The success led to sequels Diablo 2 in 2000 and then Diablo 3 in 2012. In Diablo 3, players are taken to New Tristram before going to the High Heavens and lead the battle against the dark forces. A new sequel, Diablo 4 has been announced and currently in development.

A mobile version, titled Diablo Immortal, is also in development and planned to be released on iOS and Android.

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