Diablo 3 Marks Return Of Darkening Of Tristram

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Back to where it all started.
Back to where it all started. Blizzard

It's January once again, and as expected Diablo 3 is bringing back the Darkening of Tristram. Also known as the Anniversary Dungeon, this limited-time event was first introduced back in 2017 and occurs every year during this time. This annual homage to the franchise offers nostalgia for series veterans and an exciting glimpse into the past for newbies.

In the Darkening of Tristram event, players get the chance to revisit the original 16 levels of the first Diablo game.

So what happens in the Darkening of Tristram? Well, your journey starts on the trail of mysterious cultists that have been causing trouble in Sanctuary. You need to hunt them down in Adventure Mode in order to uncover clues that lead you to a portal into Tristram's past. Be careful though, as you are going to meet the terrifying darkness that has taken hold of the town so many years ago.

Indeed, you'll later find yourself in what appears to be an all-too-familiar cathedral. Explore the depths and discover familiar enemies along with iconic items. Many of the dungeon bosses are returning, like The Butcher, Skeleton King, and Lazarus. Deeper into the catacombs lie the Dark Lord himself, waiting for any adventurer who dares take up the challenge. All of these have been brought to life in the Diablo 3 engine.

The dungeon itself offers 16 levels and is divided into four sections like in the original Diablo. There are some changes though, like how the catacombs are now Nephalem ruins while the caves are now the mines.

Completing this event gets you the chance to earn different rewards. For example, you can earn transmogrification weapons, the first of which is modeled after The Butcher's Cleaver and the second after Wirt's Leg. You can even get portraits along with angelic and demonic versions of Life and Mana orbs.

Don’t take too long before you start diving into this anniversary dungeon, as the cultists already started appearing back on December 31. The portal opens on January 3 at 7:00 p.m. EST. This event runs all through the month and ends on January 31 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Are you ready to take on the challenges and earn all the rewards?

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